When you hear the term ‘shipping containers’, you probably think about those huge, shapeless steel boxes that carry every imaginable thing from one place to another. So when you hear someone tell you that they live in a shipping container, what would your initial reaction be?

You would probably feel pity, or would think that they are not exactly the luckiest people on earth when it comes to shelter. These reactions, however, could change in an instant the moment you find out what designers and architects all over the world have been up to. And yes, whatever amazing creations that we will unveil here make use of those huge, shapeless things we were talking about – shipping containers.

It could be because of the huge need for people to start thinking about ways to recycle everything and anything that’s not in use anymore. It could be because of the sturdy material, which is perfect for those who are looking for homes that would not be as easily destructed by the environment around it. It could be out of the sheer creativity that the first few people who put this idea into action possessed.

Whatever the reason for these projects may be, no one could deny the fact that these would make anybody want to live in a shipping container, if given the chance:

1. Shipping Container Guest House in San Antonio, Texas

Poteet-Architects-Container-Guest-house (1)

Poteet-Architects-Container-Guest-house1 (1)

Poteet-Architects-Container-Guest-house3 (1)

Poteet-Architects-Container-Guest-house4 (1)

Poteet-Architects-Container-Guest-house5 (1)

Poteet-Architects-Container-Guest-house6 (1)

Texas architect Jim Poteet created a charming guest house at Stacey Hill’s backyard, which probably gives her friends and family more reasons to come visit her more. The structure measures 8’ x 8’ x 40’ and is fully sustainable. The foundation is made of telephone poles, the deck is made of recycled soda caps, and it also has a green roof and uses a composting toilet.

2. Containers of Hope in San Jose, Costa Rica

Containers of Hope in San Jose, Costa Rica

Containers of Hope in San Jose, Costa Rica1

Containers of Hope in San Jose, Costa Rica2

Containers of Hope in San Jose, Costa Rica3

Containers of Hope in San Jose, Costa Rica5

Containers of Hope in San Jose, Costa Rica4

Containers of Hope in San Jose, Costa Rica6

With a mere budget of $40,000, Benjamin Garcia Saxe was able to create a home more beautiful than most traditional homes you’ve seen. Using two 40-foot used shipping containers, the architect made the dream home of Gabriela Calvo and Marco Peralta a reality using a budget that’s lot lower than the social housing cost provided for the poor in Costa Rica.

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