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Wonder why you cannot bear the news, “It is already Monday morning?”

To most of us, we wish the alarm clock would not have rang this fast.

How did the whole weekend just disappear like that? The first instinct that comes into our mind is to snooze the alarm for just five minutes only…

However, every day we ask ourselves how so and so appear jovial and energetic on a Monday!! Want to know why?

Consider the secrets below which these people engage in on Mondays.

These tips are not only going to ensure you have a brighter Monday and the rest of the week, but they will also help college essay writing. This is because building up these habits requires discipline in following a routine, something which corresponds to following the strict regulations and format of writing essays.

The seven morning habits of successful people you wish you had known earlier are as follows:


1. They get enough sound sleep on Sunday night

Weekends are mostly spent having fun and outings.

Activities involved during weekends makes the body weary. Waking up feeling exhausted would hinder the productivity and the emotional balance during the day.

Hence, successful people go to bed early enough on Sunday night to ensure their body regains the strength required the next day.

“You’ll never get a new ending if you keep starting with the same tired beginning,” writes Lisa Daily.


2. They wake up early

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Getting up early especially on a Monday will not be possible if you did not have enough sleep. This explains why point number one is very important!

The success of every day is to wake up early, but the power of getting up early on a Monday is because this is the day that establishes all the other days of the week. Getting up early enables you to prepare well before you set out for the office.

This means that you will get enough time to work out, and also will arrive at work early. Exercising prepares the body and the mind for the day’s tasks, hence setting a positive mood.

During an interview by FourYourBodyPress, Billionaire Richard Branson said, “I definitely can achieve twice as much by keeping fit,” he added that, “It keeps the brain functioning well.”

On the other hand, arriving early at work enables you to set everything in order so that you start Monday’s work on a clean screen.


3. Healthy morning recipe

A powerful kick-start of the day depends also on the type of breakfast one takes. Having starved for seven to ten hours during the night, the body vitally requires a recharge of “fuel” to face a new week.

A healthy breakfast provides the necessary mental energy to enable you perform the day’s tasks with ease. Otherwise, it would be a rough,” when will lunch time come?”, day if you fail to get a nice breakfast meal.

Furthermore, ensuring that breakfast is made up of your favorite dish encourages you to wake up when the alarm rings.

Successful people also drink enough water in the morning as this helps their bodies hydrate and feel energized the rest of the day.

Grant Cardone, top sales expert says, ”I make my own “10X Oatmeal”: honey, whole oats, cinnamon, calimyrna figs, 10 raisins, 10 dried cherries, half of a banana, dried blueberries, 10 fresh blueberries, Brazil nuts, walnuts, licorice and filtered water. I also enjoy juicing, which propels my body into action and fuels creativity.

A quick glass of freshly made juice each day will make you a better salesperson, manager, leader, entrepreneur and parent. Fueling your tank correctly is an investment in your greatest asset”.


4. Check the schedule of the day

black coffee and a notepad laying on top of the breakfast table

After a long weekend, it is possible to forget the appointments expected to be met on a Monday. Therefore, to avoid situations of being found off-guard by activities that had skipped your mind, it is important to familiarize yourself, early in the morning, of the schedule of the day.

Moreover, successful people check their what-to-do to ensure that priorities are well placed. It also helps in time management and staying focused during the day.


5. They pre-plan the week ahead

Ensuring that every activity is completed within the prescribed time and no time is wasted on things that does not contribute to the achievement of the set goals, planning is inevitably required.

However, there is no day better to do this than on a Monday. This is because the next day’s activities begin where you left the previous day.

Hence, to have a successful Tuesday demands a successful Monday.


6. They tackle tough tasks first

young woman doing yoga exercise

During and after preplanning the week, it is possible to identify tasks that require greater involvement in terms of resources and mental energy.

Successful people prefer dealing with these tasks on Monday due to more energy and greater concentration after a restful weekend.

Mondays provide a fresh supply of willpower, more optimism and readiness to tackle challenging tasks.

Moreover, you will realize that the work energy diminishes as the week progresses and one tends to prefer easy and simple tasks towards the end of the week.


7. They work on their mood and attitude

Successful people know that success is never achieved alone. Positively impact your team members and the morale will be maintained high.

Establishing the right mood on Monday not only motivates you towards the activities of the day but also makes the rest of the week to just flow.

Good attitude contributes to a friendly relations with those around you. This increases the confidence when carrying out the day-to-day activities. Due to this, morale takes a boost and teamwork soars resulting to more productivity.

Even when it comes to business, attitude and mindset is something becoming increasingly important in a world full of competition. Many online training courses ( e.g. the Consulting Accelerator by Sam Ovens) focus heavily on helping people cultivate the right mindset for success before revealing the technical strategies and formulas.” 

The right attitude and mood enables effective communication, which is the most integral part of success.

Putting a smile on your face cheers your moods as Billionaire Mark Cuban, said in an interview with Steiner Sports: “To me, the definition of success is waking up in the morning with a smile on your face, knowing it’s going to be a great day”.

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