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Barbados can be exhaustive when it comes to local attractions for the tourists and travelers. The island country is located in the Caribbean region of North America and is situated along the western side of the North Atlantic. Bridgetown, the largest city, is its capital.

Barbados has undergone influences of various nations and ethnicities such as the Spanish navigators, the Portuguese and the English. The population is predominantly of African descent, and the island is among the leading tourist destinations in the world.

Houses for rent in Barbados are much sought after by the tourists and travelers. It is the location, the affordability and the amenities enjoyed at these house rentals that make them popular among the tourists.

There are plenty of exciting things to do and see in Barbados. There are cultural attractions, historical sites and unique things to explore in Barbados. Read on to learn about the attractions and activities here to plan a perfect trip to Barbados.


1. Visit the George Washington House

The18th-century plantation house is named after the famous political personality, George Washington, who came here to be treated for tuberculosis. The Washington House has been attracting a number of visitors ever since 2007 and all the original furnishing is reserved. Take advantage of guided tours to know more about the history and keep in mind that the House is closed on the weekends.


2. Take the Mount Gay Rum Tasting Tour

Rum tasting tour

Head for the Mount Gay Visitors’ Centre to uncover the history and secrets behind the oldest rum in the world. Get to taste the mouthwatering lunch of Bajan favorites or their premium collection. You will love the location of the stunning garden against the backdrop of the brilliant Caribbean Sea. The staff greets you with a glass of refreshing rum punch and then take you on a tour of the museum.


3. Explore Harrison’s Cave

Enjoy the wealth of natural wonders at Barbados, and it is must to venture underground to explore Harrison’s Cave. You will remain captivated by the waterfalls of Harrison’s Cave as well as the stunning gallery of stalactites and stalagmites hanging inside.

One can make the trip inside a tram car, and the trip underground is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Roll past by the beautiful pools, waterfalls, and streams as you enter the subterranean environment.


4. Make your way to Hunte’s Botanical Gardens

Enter the Hunte’s Botanical Gardens to find yourself surrounded by the lush tropical plants. It is a joy to see the extraordinary exotic foliage growth and look at the antiques and beautiful decorative pieces hidden among them. Get ready for a truly enchanted experience in those gardens. The vast garden may seem intimidating enough, but it is worth the visit.


5. The emitting Bathsheba Beach

beach dawn in barbados

Bathsheba Beach is one of the top attraction of Bathsheba, and one will never come across a dull moment on the beaches. Teeming with life, the each is indeed one of the most popular places of the island. Places of the island is a part of this unending stretch of sand. One can see the entire island from the beach.


6. Visit the St. John’s Church

John’s Church was built in the year 1831, and the current structure of the church was built to replace a previous structure that was destroyed by a hurricane. The body of Ferdinand Paleologus, a descendant of Constantine, is placed in the churchyard. David John Howard Thompson also rests in at this church that houses a beautiful West mascott statue and offers spectacular views of the coast.


7. Explore the premises of Queen Park

Queen’s Park is the only park in Bridgetown, and it is here where you will find one of the two the baobab trees. The park house was home to the British commander and has now been converted into a theatre. Visit the Queen’s Park Art Gallery with new exhibits every month.


8. The beautiful Barbados golf club

white golf ball getting ready to go in the hole

Barbados golf club is located on the beautiful part of Barbados and has been designed by Ron Kirby. Enjoy the game as well as the beautiful scenery around at the fantastic Barbados Golf club that covers a gorgeous landscape of rolling hills. Bunkers and lakes add to the beauty and charm of the golf course.


9. Kensington Oval for the Cricket buffs

If you are a fan of cricket, then it is a must to see the Kensington Oval. Many records have been demolished here and many a milestone achieved. Also known as the Mecca of cricket, Kensington Oval is like a temple of cricket. Many legendary games have been played here in its 120 years of history including the world finals. It definitely deserves a visit and watching a game here is certainly a matter of pride.


10. The great Barbados food tour

Take the walking food tour like a local in Barbados. This is going to be an exciting culinary journey for you as you walk through the streets of the island and its vibrant towns.

Eat like the locals do and enjoy Barbadian eats and treats. Get a full Bajan experience under a professional guide. Learn about the local food treasures such as coconut bread, pudding and souse, black cake, fishcakes and bakes and the Bajan macaroni pie is not be missed!

You must taste the national dish of Barbados, the cou cou. Learn about the great history of the island on the walking food tour as well as taste the local delicacies.

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