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Getting by as a blogger can be tough when you’re starting out. As a blogger you will day by day be producing new posts and articles that you will no doubt have poured your heart and soul into and you will be constantly thinking of new angles for topics and interesting subjects that haven’t been covered yet on every other blog.

But of course no one at first is going to find your posts because you won’t be coming p at the top in Google. You might post your link on your Facebook page, but no one is likely to click or share it right away (sorry) because people just don’t tend to do that.

It’s enough to make you miserable, but there are ways you can get a little more prominence a little more quickly, and one of the most effective ways to do this is to network and to make the right connections. If you can make friends with someone who will help lift you to glorious heights, then this will help you to grow much faster and will lend you the credibility and the exposure that you are no doubt craving.

Find Others Like You

First of all you should research the competition a little. This will mean simply looking for other sites that are doing what you are but more successfully. Now you’re going to narrow them down for the ones you want to work with, read their content and think about whether this is a site you are happy to recommend. At the same time ask yourself if they seem approachable and friendly and like the kind of people who would be willing to lend a newbie a hand.

The best people to find are those that are on the way up, but haven’t quite exploded yet. They’ll be sympathetic to your needs, but they’ll have a little clout which is what you want. Another tip is to look for someone in your niche, but who isn’t necessarily competing with you directly. Someone who is in a different part of your niche for instance or a sub category can be a good place to target.

Bide Your Time

Now you aren’t going to contact them right away, that would be folly. These guys get something like a million e-mails a day and if you write to them now you’ll damage your reputation in their eyes. Instead you should just spend some time writing a site that you think they would like, and that is complementary to theirs. Provide some value that is different to what they’re doing but nevertheless might attract their readers.

Meanwhile try to associate with them. Mention them in your blog posts and tip your hat to them as your inspiration. People love flattery and this kind of acknowledgement will ensure you aren’t accused of thieving their ideas. Link to them so that they get some links from you turning up in their web stats and they’ll start to hear your name.

Now your next step is going to be to try and contact them with an offer they can’t refuse. Don’t just outright ask for a link, but instead send them a free article to begin with, or say you’d like to review their book/software/DVD on your site.

Once you’ve established this connection then you should mention that you’d like to work together more in the future and keep a note of their e-mail. Now next time you write to them ask if they’ll review your book (send them a free copy) or send them a guest post in exchange for a link back. Now they ‘know’ you they’ll be far more likely to oblige, and if they like you they might even recommend you to their readers free of charge.

Real People

And while you’re doing all this networking don’t forget the real world. If you can meet a blogger in the real world and make an impression person to person then this will be much more memorable and they’re far more likely to feel that sense of obligation that compels them to help you.

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