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“What started-off with Barter is the commerce of today!”

We started with barter system, wherein every commodity was exchanged for another commodity and now we stand in an era where we look up to ecommerce for every other need. Such enormous has been its growth over the years, there is hardly any domain that the field has not touched. Ecommerce technology is already running at a lightning fast speed with an average delivery ranging from three to four business days. However, I have a strange feeling of resonance that tells me soon we will have things delivered within a single day. In this article, we will have a futuristic say on how Ecommerce will operate at a lightning fast speed.

Real Time Data For B2B Interaction


In not-so-distant future of ecommerce, I believe the medium will be getting much better, smarter, and of course faster. Not only the mode of product handling would change but the way firms today deal with clients and product presentation will be revolutionized too. Some expert even suggest technology has a huge void to fill in the near future, as firms soon will be able to interact with each other in real time, thereby altering the sales process drastically. B2B interactions like these will not only assist the firms in improving their sales process rapidly but also improving their client-serving module.

Collaborative Commerce For Faster Commerce


Now this one is big! I believe two or three years down the time lane, we could see small business hubs each representing a particular ecommerce portal established in cities. Not only will these hubs prove to be an excellent communication channel for the industries to contact each other, but an interaction medium for the clients too. Through these small hubs, firms will be able to reduce the delivery time of the product exceptionally.

The concept is of a client placing order on an ecommerce portal, which automatically redirects the order to the nearest hub. Due to the proximity, the client is more likely to receive the order within 3-4 working hours. Isn’t that great? In addition, based on my very dependable information I believe retailers like Best Buy and Walmart are already in plans for such concept!

Crossing The Boundaries


I believe in order for the above-mentioned information to be true, firms will somehow have to cross the boundaries and break the traditional barriers. Crossing the formal boundaries is the only way for firms to use real-time communication effectively. This will allow firms to keep strict check on inventory flow, product shipping status, and availability within few mouse clicks.

Intelligent And Dynamic Personalization

Now we all know that websites collect analytical data from millions of visitors, however, we are still to utilize that data in learning the browsing needs of a client. I believe in the coming time we will be seeing websites with dynamic personalization, which will start presenting content and products based on visitor’s needs and preferences. Dynamic personalization has to be applied with precision so that within few clicks on a respective website, a client’s character is defined, and website functionalities are presently accordingly.

Better Use Of Social Media Platform

We can already feel the increasing integration of social media and ecommerce websites as every product on your favorite shopping website would now have the Facebook share button or a Twitter feed. Then, how can we take social media and ecommerce to the next level! I Feel integrating Facebook in a way that a visitor can officially ‘like’ a product is a good option when you create a website, and as a result, the profile wall shares the same with friends. This will not only increase product awareness but will also assist the firm in reaching a much wider audience.

Video Reviews And Video Details

Videos I believe will have a much important role in the future even in ecommerce platform. When I browse through some popular ecommerce portals, I find the user reviews absolutely fake and too precise to be true. I speak for the public, so no personal issues here. Using videos of users and offering visitors to post their video regarding the product will not only be cool but will assist the website in improving credibility. I believe websites have already started this by inviting people to post reviews and their opinions and videos sure add credibility.

Same principle applies to product details as well as images for display now are slowly getting old-fashioned. Posting real videos of the product instead of going solely images will assist in serving the clients in a better manner and improving trust.

Rising Initiative

Several firms on the internet are contributing there bit to the commercial world and one of them of course is Google, our beloved search engine. After release of products like wallets, coupons and ads, the search engine firm just released an online couponing solution ‘Zavers’ for retail brands. This tool will assist brands in distributing coupons and streamlining the redemption process much easily.


I gave my sincere effort in presenting a future that seems quite inevitable for ecommerce. I hope the platform gets better with everyday and makes life easier for shopaholics. Do share the knowledge and valuable feedback too. However, suggestions and viewpoints are also welcomed with open heart!

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