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Being a creative person means you’re always on the lookout to share something inspiring. Whether your driving your car, walking on a street, riding your bike, browsing the web, or shopping, you’re bound to run into thought provoking typography. Thanks to our smartphones, which have respectable built in cameras, we are able to take high quality images on the go.

I can guarantee you that your parents did not have this kind of freedom when they were young. If they saw something interesting, inspiring, or cool they could only talk about it after the fact, hoping that people would believe what they say is true. Now you can prove what you saw by taking an image, uploading it to the Internet, and instantly sharing it with the world.

I recently landed on a website called This grid based website was created by Matthew Anderson and Daniel Hunninghake. As you might have already guessed by the name, NYC Type focuses on showcasing various typography present in NYC. Every image you see is pulled from Instagram. If you’re a fellow New Yorker, feel free to use the #nyctype hashtag to automatically contribute to the site.

Matt and Daniel plan to eventually include geo-tagged photos, editorial shots, high-resolution imagery, and even video on the site. For now, things are pretty minimal. Below you’ll find inspirational images I collected from their site. We hope these thought provoking images will inspire and encourage you to go out and take pictures of beautiful typography in your own city.

nyc type (1)

nyc type (2)

nyc type (3)

nyc type (4)

nyc type (5)

nyc type (6)

nyc type (7)

nyc type (8)

nyc type (9)

nyc type (11)

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