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Though today’s entrepreneurs and business owners are highly enthusiastic and ambitious enough to reach to the zenith of success with deep rooted dedication and hard work, managing piles of papers, doing all the paper work etc sure gives everyone jitters down the spine. Agreed that the paper work is mandatory and must be thoroughly checked to keep a tab on the business activities and make sure there is no wastage of resources, doing the same consumes a lot of productive time, which otherwise would have been utilized in growing the business. Besides having eco friendly concerns at heart one cannot deny the fact that all the paper work is not healthy for the environment.

Today we discuss various services and application which earnest and smart corporate people can avail, in order to significantly reduce the paper work, optimize the utilization of time and progress towards better management without posing a threat to our mother nature. The services discussed further in the write up are the highly trusted and reliable tools which can drastically reduce the time wastage and paper work and facilitate better management. Read on to understand more.

1. Invoicera

Generating paper based invoices every now and then is not only a cumbersome task but is also against eco system. Invoicera is a leader in providng comprehensive online billing facilities. And not only do you receive detailed invoices, the features of Invoicera gives your billing system a complete redesign.

The fact that it is web based makes it easier for the users to access it any time and any where in the world. The moment you log into your Invoicera account, you will get an instant access to a complete review of the online billing system, which will give you an insight upon the expenses. With Invoicera you can prepare different reports, generate instant invoices and bill your clients accordingly.

Invoicera is of particular interest to those whose job description requires them to be constantly on the fly. With its time tracking facilities via online time tracking software, they can keep a track of the billable hours, and create instant invoices for their clients depending upon the same. It not only reduces the paper work, but the entire process of working on a project or on a per hour basis, extremely easy and transparent.

2. ShoeBoxed

The initial stages of starting up a business are quite cumbersome. There are lots of visits here and there, a lot of manpower hiring decisions to be made, plus there are administrations over heads and what not. At the same time maintaining each and every receipt of the same is just as exhausting as it can be. Not only you feel burdened down with the increasing pile of paper and documents, you may also very well end up loosing some important piece of information in the cruel stock of paper.

An easy way to handle the same is by utilizing the highly digitized services offered by ShoeBoxed. If you are interacting with a lot of authorities and collecting lots of pieces of information, you cannot upload the same in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheets because no one has got time for that, right? By availing the services of ShoeBoxed, you save yourself from the tasks of managing the paper work and feeding the same in the computer memory.

The services offered by ShoeBoxed are highly intuitive and smart. ShoeBoxed will itself scan through the entire pile of papers and index the same in your account. And with an instant access to your account, you can very well produce reports and related documents in a very organized and sorted manner. Besides you can integrate the same in your previously existing database systems then be it your Gmail account, Freshbooks, Quicken, Outlook, Excel and etc. The basic agenda behind using ShoeBoxed is to crease represent the data into meaningful way, make it ready to be integrated in any of the database systems and that too without even touching the keyboard.

ShoeBoxed is of particular use for small business firms, aspiring to grow through better management and coordination. Even freelancers who wish to do away from the addition over heads of book keeping etc may avail its services. The price of the same starts with $9.95 on a monthly basis, which allows you to do up to 50 scans.

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