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3. CloudContacts

Whereas the features of ShoeBoxed are related to the digitizing and optimally organizing the receipts and related documents, CloudContacts concentrates its efforts on the business card collection. Business cards are the gateways of a business or an enterprise to its users. It is the impression before the actual impression and thus any aspiring business must concentrate due efforts in the business cards. They not only carry the contact details, but also silently contains in themselves the company’s branding and image.

CloudContacts, as the name suggest, are all related to the managing contacts and increasing your social network. Send the CloudContacts your business cards in the normal format and soon enough you will receive the standardized data pertaining to your business cards, which can be easily imported in any of the contacts – bet it through emails or the CRM systems including your Gmail account, SalesForce, 37Signals’ HIghrise, outlook and etc.

Another irresistible feature of CloudContacts is its instant social media reach. If your business card conveys the presence on the social networking profile, an instant link will be created in your data and hence you will have the liberty to connect on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Besides the residents of New York City has an extra added advantage of picking it up, personally.

4. Zumbox

Zumbox is another application dedicated to managing the mails in an easy and paper less way, but it carries a different approach for the same. They have gone a step ahead and have come up with the digital mailbox for the each and every physical address for the companies operating in the United States, and other organizations which are into sending paper mails and related materials to local addresses can send the same digitally by availing the services of Zumbox. The recipients of such emails can facilitate in the process by registering with their physical addresses at Zumbox.

5. Earth Class Mail

As a functioning and operative business endeavor, any enterprise receives tons of paper mail and it could be hard to manage the same. Not only are these mails lofty to manage, it is hard to manage the same because some of the mails are highly crucial and others are just a waste of time. The bigger the pile gets, the more burdensome it is to search for the requirement material.

Earth Class Mail is a highly impressive and amusing service to tackle the same. Once you sign up with the earth class mail, you will be given a unique code, and you can address the physical address of your business in their. Once you are through with it, every mail destined to your addressed will be scanned first and then will be stored in your Earth Class Mail account. Besides you will receive e-mail notifications each time a new mail has been delivered. Can managing the mails, categorizing them in trashy and / or important, get any way easier than this?

With the superior Earth Class Mail services, you can easily identify the relevant mails and discard the not so required mails. You can also define what all mails must go to the junk or trash folder and what all mails should still be sent at your address.

All these services can be availed at the sum of $19.95 each month and is valid toll of the 100 mail items.

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