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There are always options that can make your things work in the most effective and efficient manner. You can always make sure that you get the things done in the most professional manner. The key is not to get the things done, it is to make sure that the things get done in the most productive and proficient way.

Have you ever thought about remote proctoring or online proctoring? Certainly, right from hiring people and even in corporate training, assessment is progressively moving online.

Whether it is about deterring cheating during the time of student exams or confirming someone’s identity during the assessments of the employees, applying integrity online is getting a vital priority for professionals.

It is important that you make sure that nobody is doing cheating and there is transparency. In such instances remote or online proctoring solutions are immensely gaining grip with professionals.

For the ones who are new to this profession or field , proctoring or Proctored Test is described as a mechanism to make sure that there is authenticity of the test taker and avert him/her from cheating through a proctor is present during the time of the test.

A proctor is an individual who is trained and qualified to perform candidate authentication and avert them from doing any type of cheating. Indeed, online Testing has been there for around twenty years in diverse formats.

The commonest kind of online test is an objective test that examines a candidate or applicant on their subject knowledge or is used to understand her or his learning ability or even behavioral profile.

Online proctoring instruments, tools or apps make use of algorithms and machine learning to discourage cheating by automatically classifying cheating-such as behavior during online assessments.

The technology tracks the behavior of the candidates and their patterns during the time of assessment, and platforms frequently make use secure browsers so professionals can decide how much flexibility applicants have to access certain web pages or even applications. Such a thing makes sure that nobody does cheating during the assessment or test.

The professionals in the corporate world want to continue to change and embrace fresh sets of technologies that permit them to expand their current footmark and provide more opportunities for the candidates of course, this proctoring system do allow the firms and companies to expand their business and reach.

They can easily take up applicants from different corners of the world. They can take the tests right from their place and make sure that they evaluate the candidate right from miles away. In this way there remains proper affectivity.

The point is when you can take up candidates from only a limited area you get the same talent every time you do that recruitment derive. But when you recruit from different places you add up the talent that is new and fresh.

Of course apart from automated digital cheating discouragement and greater accessibility, there are plenty of other perks too that online proctoring solutions can cater the professionals.

You know it has been seen that to provide a proctored exam center near the place or location of the test taker is a vital challenge for most of the organizations administering any forms of tests.

Of course, you cannot always make arrangements for proctors or the suitable place. Moreover qualified Proctors are tough to find, and it is really tough to make use of the quality of proctoring. And there are no records available to check whether the proctor actually performed his/her job in a proper manner. Moreover a restricted supply of test centers or proctors even leads to lengthy test schedules.

And yes, in those online tests without proctoring, there have been cases wherein often reported of cheating and impersonation occur.

Applicants either ask some else to take the test on their behalf or they make use of technique of cheating such as referring to some material by using smartphones or other devices to search for answers or solutions online or taking help from an acquaintance.

However, if there are proctoring tools used in tests nobody can do any type of cheating and there would not be even any need of presence of any proctor at the place of the test.


Simplify the online proctoring system

In the case of Online Exam Proctoring or Online Video exam proctoring, an applicant gets monitored online during the duration of the test typically with the assistance of a mic, webcam and access to the screen of the applicant. To take any online proctored test from a distant or remote location applicant require:

  • A proper and suitable device like Desktop PC/Laptop, Tablet or mobile.
  • A proper Internet connection having minimum 256kbps speed
  • An operational webcam and a mic
  • In their PC/Laptop, any of the present day or modern browsers

In the live proctored test, a qualified proctor actually monitor the applicant and he goes through the audio-video and screen share feeds in the real time. In a typical sense the proctoring service provider is going to have people sitting in a distant location that have been properly trained to ensure the authentication of the candidate and avert /red flag any type of cheating.

For your information a proctor can do monitoring of people up to sixteen to thirty two candidates at a time and it is something that depends on the provider. The benefit of this model is that it eradicates the location restraint of proctoring.

The test taker and that of proctor can be even hundreds or thousands of miles apart. In this way there remains a lot of ease, affectivity and efficiency.

Of course, if you haven’t thought about the model of proctoring in your business that too from a remote destination you should think about it now. The distance or physical barriers should not come in the way of your growth and expansion.

Thus, it is time that you look around and pick the options that sound really effective and professional. Remote or online proctoring will definitely take you to great outcomes.

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