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There are some things money can’t buy; happiness, love, true friendship. For everything else, such as totally awesome hotel room, money will do the trick quite nicely. For a bill measured in tens of thousands of dollars a night, you can live in the lap of luxury with your own cook, butler and concierge while taking in the most amazing views from your private balcony.

Hey, if you’ve got the cash, why not? Just in case you ever find yourself on receiving end of a hefty lottery win or discover a sizeable oil deposit in your garden, here are the most incredible hotel designs money can hire:

Ritz-Carlton, Moscow

For $18,200 a night you can grab a suite at the Ritz-Carlton, Moscow and enjoy your own private library, bar, boardroom and even grand piano. The views are so amazing that you have the floor to ceiling windows from which to enjoy them and the furnishings are so luxurious you will feel like royalty. The suite is 232 square meters in size and has heated flooring throughout so although Moscow may be cold, you certainly won’t be.

Royal Suite, Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Dubai has always been a place of luxury and opulence where the rich go to play and nothing fits the bill better than the Burj Al Arab. If you are looking for a hotel room, this is not the place for you as individual rooms are not on offer. A suite on the other hand is available with the Royal Suite topping them all at just under $19,000 a night.

Royal Suite, Four Seasons Hotel, Paris

For just under $25,000 a night you can experience one of the most impressive hotels in Paris. Full of expensive antiques and artwork, the Royal Suite has a private balcony overlooking the fountain of the Three Graces. If that isn’t enough for you the marble bathroom and walk in wardrobes may just swing it instead.

The Bridge Suite, The Atlantis, Bahamas

This beautiful suite is priced at $22,000 a night however there are ten bedrooms in it which can sleep two people so it is almost affordable if you all put some money into the pot. The suite has amazing 360 degree views around Paradise Island and is rumoured to have been the choice of many celebrities including Oprah Winfrey and Celine Dion. However, we really think that the big draw of this hotel is its exterior. The hotel quite literally occupies an island paradise that’s just breathtaking.

Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palms Resort, Las Vegas

This villa is as famous as the man himself and has been the location of many celebrity parties and events, as well as being featured on numerous television programmes. It has a distinct Playboy theme and guests can enjoy a rotating bed, rather rude artwork and a huge bath, perfect for a romantic soak. For just $35,000 a night you can enjoy all this while absorbing the view over the famous Las Vegas strip.

Villa la Capula Suite, Westin Excelsior, Rome

If you are looking for all out opulence and elegance, Westin Excelsior is the suite for you at $29,000 a night. There are several balconies with beautiful views, amazing furnishings and expensive art adorning all the walls. It cost $7 million when redesigned in 1998 and also has a Jacuzzi like no other and stained glass windows. The mini bar is one of the most impressive elements to this suite with over 150 vintage wines and not a salted peanut in sight.

Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson, Geneva

For an amazing $65,000 a night you can stay at this luxurious twelve bedroom suite which has amazing views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc. It has bulletproof windows and a security system fit for a president meaning that it is favoured by powerful political leaders when they visit the city. It also has a library, office, gym and several reception rooms perfect for politicians to conduct meetings.

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