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The advent of technology in the last century has enabled major advancements in many sectors, such as business, health, and education. The invention of the personal computer made work easier and more accomplishable.

Computers operate on sets of coded instructions that are known as software. These sets help in performing daily tasks in an effective manner. There are many software programs for various tasks, such as workflow management, job assignment, and report compilation, among many others.

This ensures the organization and smooth flow of the working process in any setting.

From time to time a new software application has to be developed to fill a gap in consumers’ needs in a particular sector. To achieve this, we have programmers and developers who create programs, software, and applications with the help of particular computer programming languages. These programming languages are set instructions for implementation of certain algorithms.

The number of existing programs is huge, and many more are developed every day. One of the most common programming languages is called Java.

It belongs to the family of general-purpose programming languages what means that it can be used in almost any environment. Its code can run on all platforms without requiring recompilation.


About the Oracle 1Z0-808 test

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The Oracle Certification 1z0-808 Dumps testis taken by Information Technology professionals who would like to expand their knowledge of programming in different settings. When you successfully pass this exam, you will receive the Oracle Java certificate.

This credential will prove that you have enough practical experience in working with this computing language. This will give you an opportunity to design and develop various software, applications, and programs to carry out specified tasks efficiently. The official Oracle website provides more info:

The exam consists of 70 multiple-choice questions in total, which should be completed within two and a half hours. The test is written for the latest Java SE 8 release. You can take it either in English or Spanish.

To pass the exam and be awarded the Oracle Certified Associate credential, a candidate is required to score at least 65%. The test covers all the topics that you should learn during the training course. All of the 70 exam questions are equally divided among these topics.


What are the core skills evaluated by this exam?

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The Oracle 1Z0-808 certification exam is intended to test the knowledge and skills acquired by the candidate during his or her learning period. It is worth noting that all the following sections have an equal percentage among the 70 questions of the exam paper:

  • Java basics
  • Basic control flow
  • Creation of command line Java applications
  • Manipulation of arrays and collections
  • General Java SE 8 applications


Who can take this exam?

The Oracle 1Z0-808 test can be taken only by an IT professional with extensive practical experience in programming and operating various software, application, and program modules.In summary, the requirements for attempting this exam are the following:

  • Test takers must pay the exam fees and any outstanding arrears.
  • You should find the text of the agreement on the exam provider’s official site and read it carefully, as it includes some important points.
  • Minors must have a document with the signature of either their parents or guardians allowing them to take the test.
  • You are required to attend all the training classes before taking the test. The examiner has the right to disqualify any candidate from taking this exam on the basis of unsatisfactory attendance.


Exam centers and their rules

Oracle has plenty of exam centers around the world, mainly in the countries where theEnglish and Spanish languages are used. On top of that, these centers are managed by qualified personnel acting as examiners and invigilators that ensure that the whole process is conducted smoothly and without any disputes between the exam body and the test takers.

The students who cannot access the test center can take it online at the comfort of their homes or offices by using the official Oracles portal. However, these individuals will require additional resources like fast Internet connection for smooth communication between the candidate and the examiner. On top of that, one requires a fast computer with a good webcam to initiate communication.

The test centers adhere to a number of rules and regulations that are intended to uphold the integrity of the exam making it less prone to any malpractice. The most notable of these rules include the following:

  • The company does not tolerate any form of cheating during the exam. This includes unauthorized communication in the exam room, possessing unauthorized items in the room, and copying another candidate’s work.
  • Those who are found violating this rule will be disqualified from the exam. This may result in either retaking the test or being completely banned from all further Oracle certification programs.
  • No misconduct will be accepted in the test centers. This includes the use of foul language, fighting, or any form of disrespect directed at the officials.
  • A candidate who wants to register for the test should pay the participation fees. Anyone with pending arrears will not be allowed in the exam room.
  • Any candidate who retakes the test after an unsuccessful attempt should do this according to the retake policy, which can be found on the official page.
  • Altering the final results, impersonation, or failure to take the exams without a valid reason will lead to total disqualification of the candidate from the study program.

It is advisable for any candidate taking this exam to follow the rules listed above in order to avoid any mishaps and pas it with ease.


Study resources

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This certification exam has plenty of study resources and materials to equip the learner with the necessary skills. You can find printed resources in libraries and bookstores while the Internet is full of e-books, video trainings, and practice tests. The full list of recommended study materials can be found on the official Oracle page and here

If you want to upgrade your basic programming and software management skills to meet the most recent professional standards, then it is advisable to take a training course and take this certification exam. Getting the Oracle Certified Associate credential will promote you to new career heights.

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