Here’s yet another great illustrator from Europe! Michal Lisowski, currently lives and works in Warsaw, Poland as an illustrator / concept artist. Most of his digital work is done with the handy Wacom tablet. He has serious skill and we wanted to showcase his incredible work for your viewing pleasure. Most of the corporate based projects you will see below, were crafted on a collaboration basis. Michal has a solid portfolio, he has previously worked with clients like:

Clients (current and past):

  • Ars Thenea / Syzygy
  • Axis Animation
  • Orka Film Studio
  • Platige Image
  • Chimney Pot
  • Studio Filmowe KADR
  • Yakumama Film
  • Bloober Team / Nibris Games
  • Whitehouse Records
  • Solaris Wydawnictwo
  • Mojotribe Postproduction
  • Caellum Development
  • Leroy Merlin Decoration Dep.

He also worked as a concept artist on movies:

  • Sala Samobojcow (dir. J.Komasa)
  • Trick (dir. J.Hryniak)
  • Kolysanka (dir. J.Machulski)
  • 3 minuty (dir. M.Slesicki)

To stay update with his work, check out Michal’s media outlets.

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Ghost Recon Online – Team

Hero visual and animation for the launch of Ghost Recon Online by Ubisoft.

Client: Ubisoft, San Francisco
Agency: Ars Thanea

Ghost Recon Online – Team from Ars Thanea on Vimeo.

20 Things 2011

For the second year: check out the ‘20things’ from 2011! We’ve taken 20 seminal (or just mental) events from the year on the internet and carefully weaved them together into a single illustration – this year crafted by us. Your challenge? Name each of the 20 events. To get involved and join the conversation simply visit this website:

From Dust

Client: Ubisoft
Agency: Ars Thanea

Global Key Art for From Dust. Be sure to check out the trailer!

Disney Cruise Line – The Magic Cruise Adventure Sweepstakes

Client: Disney
Agency: Nomadic

Visual with Nomadic agency for Disney as an Interactive Board Game.

Tiger – Cracks

Client: Publicis QMP/Tiger
Production Studio: Ars Thanea

New Key Visual for Tiger created together with ad agency Publicis QMP.
This work includes mixed techniques of Matte Painting, Digital Painting, Photo Shoot and 3D.

Call of Juarez – The Cartel II

Client: Ubisoft
Agency: Ars Thanea

New visual made for our long-term client Ubisoft made to promote new shooter – Call of Jaurez: The Cartel.

Wigor Trojak / Synteza

CD cover for Wigor Trojak album entitled Synteza.

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