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American-born Nancy Fouts has lived London most of her life pursuing a career in advertising. Despite her commercial success, Fouts has retained a fine art approach to image-making having originally graduated from Chelsea School of Art and the RCA in the 60s.  Her work is provocative, playful, witty, sharp and tempestuous. Described by Les Coleman as an ‘Art Prankster’, Fouts playfully distills and disrupts the roles and associations of objects, icons and relationships.

Today we will take a look at Nancy’s paradoxical sculptures that use everyday objects, animals, and symbols. The main goal of these hand made sculptures was to rearrange and change their original character. Most of the pieces listed are available as unique pieces but are often in editions. They range in price from £300 to £25,000. There are also many images of her work available as giclee prints which retail from £175 upwards. More of Nancy’s artwork is available at her website or you can visit PA&G for pricing  and info about each piece.

“It’s not deep, but it is entertaining and it makes people smile!” –  Nancy Fouts

Note: All Rights Reserved by Nancy Fouts.

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