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Let’s get one thing straight; when you buy a camera worth thousands of dollars, it doesn’t automatically make you a professional. I’ve seen people with click and shoot cameras create better pieces of art than those with 20 grand cameras. It’s about training yourself and tuning in your “photographers eye”.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’ll never try to stop someone from becoming a photographer. The MFA Programs available out there today can really help you be a step ahead of the competition if you are more advanced. There are some basic steps that you should take when you are a beginner though. By practicing these tips, you can master the art of photography in no time.

1. Don’t start off with an expensive camera

The reason for this is, since you’re starting out, you might not even know if this hobby or profession it what you’ve been dreaming about. Start off with a simple point and shoot and starting taking photos. This way you will be able to learn the basics of a simplistic camera. Once you feel comfortable with the camera and you feel that you have the hang of composition and depth of field, you should think about buying a more expensive camera.

2. It is a good idea to have a tripod at the start.

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If you want perfect and crisp images, even when the light available isn’t perfect, then using a tripod is key. The tripod will help keep your camera vibration free when capturing your photo.

3. Photography happens unexpectedly

Always keep your camera nearby, sometimes the best photos are made on the spur of the moment or a once in a lifetime opportunity. Even if you have an expensive camera, buy a cheap point and click camera and put it in your car. What if there is a meteor shower going on?

4. Good lighting and time of day

If you see a spot you would like to photograph, then take note of different weather conditions and how they affect the lighting. Even the time of day makes a huge impact on the kind of lighting you receive.

5. Change perspective

I always tell people who start with photography that the biggest change you can make is experimenting with different perspectives on an object. Don’t just take a photo of a flower from the top, crouch down and take a photo from the bottom.

6. Use free resources

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The internet is a wonderful source of knowledge for photographers. Regularly search for the latest technique, or join a group in a forum or LinkedIn. That way, you will be able to ask all those questions you have about photography. Some groups organise photography runs where they take you and anyone else who wants to go and you all shoot together with a specific project in mind.

Join a photography society in your area. This ensure that there will always be a photographer close at hand and you will have people you can chat to if you’re more a face-to-face person than a chatroom follower.

7. Know your camera’s capabilities

Read through your manual, put it down and read it again…and again and again. The reason for this is that you should know your camera inside out. Photographers tend to skim over white balancing and focus presets on their cameras, which make a huge difference in the field.

Following these steps will make you a successful photographer in no time. Just remember that the best you can do for your photographic career is to practice, practice, practice!

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