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Landing Pages are very important as it will be the first page a visitor sees when they’ve clicked on a ad or link. The most common use of a landing page is in online marketing and is mostly used for promoting a service, selling a product or getting subscribers via email. The efficiency of a Landing Page is measured through the conversion rate which is how often people take action when they visit.

Having a landing page that is well planned and built this will increase your overall conversion rate and will make people stick around on your landing page longer. We’ll be going through a list of 10 tips on creating a successful landing page.



Since a landing page is a single page, the layout should be minimalistic and should not be too busy or confusing. Each content topic should be put into relevant areas throughout the layout so that the visitor can flow through the information.

Colour Scheme

Choose a colour scheme that suits your landing page (eg. to match your logo), and make sure it’s easy on the eye. Don’t have a colour scheme that takes the attention away from the content, and avoid using too many colours.


Choosing the right font is always crucial when creating a website.  By using a complex font for your headings, and a more simple font (eg. Arial) for the content, you will add more interest to your page and will lift up the design of your landing page.


When people first visit your landing page, the first feature they see will be the heading of your website. Make sure your heading stands out, and your message is clear regarding what your landing page is about.


Since most people have a short attention span, your content needs to be clear, and understandable within a short amount of time. Make sure to think about what type of content to show eg. what you sell. Showcase your best products with buy now buttons.

Images & Icons

Having images and/or icons on your landing page is also important. Choosing those that are relevant to your landing page’s topic will attract the visitor, and will make your page look more professional and serious. Be sure to place your images in eye catching positions in order to boost your landing page’s appearance. These can be in a slider and perhaps beside content sections.

Mailing List

Having a mailing list can be a very important feature on a landing page. This feature will benefit both you and your customer, making it easier for you to communicate with visitors. You’ll be able to send your subscribers updates when:

  • you release a new product
  • you wish to keep them updated with news
  • you have promotional offers & special sales

When having a mailing list option keep in mind that no body likes spam! Don’t go overboard with the emails, remember to only send emails when it’s really necessary and keep it friendly!

Testimonials & Feedback

Including testimonials and feedback can be very beneficial when gaining the confidence of new customers. Kinds of testimonals to have could include reviews, press releases, both video as well as text. Keep the testimonials short and to the point so they get the message through quickly.

Social Promotion

Having both Twitter & Facebook pages is a must for any business! Make sure to place attractive social icons which fit with your layout’s design. You’ll be able to update your followers about your latest news, products & features and connect with new customers daily. Having social media will help you spread the word about your business and help your business grow!

Contact Information

Finally, having your contact information is essential when creating a landing page in order for customers to contact you. This can include your email, address, Skype and mobile or phone number.

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