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For anyone who is trying to release a product, one of your most telling issues is with packaging. Many people engage with their product marketing and find that their main problem is trying to sell a great product in some woeful packaging. If your package does not sell the right kind of theme and experience, it becomes nigh-impossible to solve the problem.

A product isn’t going to be bought without enticing packaging. If you were to try and sell a product and you find it’s not moving, it might be because the product packing:

  • Lacks any kind of defining factor. If it looks the same as everything else and lacks invention, it will just blend into the background.
  • Isn’t relevant to the topic. If you try and just use bright colours and excessive colour volumes simply to stand out when it isn’t relevant for your product, you’ll likely fail.
  • Has no real branding feel to it; your products should always follow a similar range of traits in colour selection, font choice and various other factors.
  • Requires more invention to make it stand out from market competitors. Imitation is only going to get you so far; it has to carry its own image and style.
  • Fails to inspire trust and hope in the potential customer, using gimmicks and tricks to promote the product in a way that does not feel natural or effective.

Now, don’t read this and think that your product is awful and that it should be destroyed. This is the point – it isn’t the product, it’s the packaging. You could be selling lightning in a bottle but if your advertising is a damp squib, then you’ll get a shock.

With that in mind, we recommend that you take more time to look at the power of your

packaging. Take a look at this particular product:


Despite the challenge of marketing in a specific market like this, this works perfectly well. It sells the exact point that you would expect it to; making sure that people know what they are buying.

For one, this box maintains an old-fashioned look and feel. Since the product that it is actually promoting has been used for centuries, it makes sense to use a more weighted, vintage look and style. So while the product has become increasingly popular in recent years, it makes sense to emphasize that it’s been around for ages.

This captures a creative, appealing and authentic look that perfectly portrays the product in the box. It looks trustworthy, it maintains a professional appeal and it looks relevant to the market and the topics at hand. For that reason, it would be hard to find a better design style for this topic.

It’s the same with anything, really; it has to be authentic and relative to the product itself. You couldn’t sell a vintage bourbon in a fancy modern bottle if it’s supposed to be selling the vintage of time and patience in the bottle, could you?

Relevance is vital in any walk of life, but in product packaging it’s absolutely essential.

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