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A blogger’s world exists within magical boxes that sit on desks, in pockets or open on laps. Life, work and the next big thing are all online. Google is the government and shopping consists of virtual food fed to pet dragons that we grow on virtual farms. However, this is a flat-world perspective.

Like Christopher Columbus it’s time to start thinking about marketing your blog in the round. There are loads of offline marketing opportunities that you are probably missing. Moreover, unlike the online world, where competition for eyeballs is fierce, in the offline world there is an entire planet of people willing to spread the word for you because they think that what you are doing is so novel and unique. Here are 5 ways to take your blog marketing offline that will grow your blog online!

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1. Use Traditional Promotional Products

T-shirts, green grocery bags, pens, calendars and key chains with your blog name and logo on them are valuable promotional products. Unlike the expensive promotional products of the 1990’s there are now several online companies like Gopromotional that sell great promotional items cheaply. For example, you can give away approximately 1000 high quality ballpoint pens with your blog’s name on them for the same cost of one Marketwire press release.

While the release will market your blog effectively for maybe two weeks, the pens can sit on desks and be passed around for years. Moreover, using Green items you can co-brand your blog and get support from the very active and vibrant Green community.

2. Go Local

Look locally for groups that match well with your blog topic and become involved with that community. For example, if your blog is about pets, become involved with promoting pet adoptions and pet education. Volunteer, teach what you know and make friends within the pet community. Make sure that all the people you come into contact with know about your blog and why you are passionate about the topic.

Meeting people with similar interests can create a set of very active marketers who may have much more time than you do to go and spread the word about your blog. Just a few key people that know you and believe in what you are doing can be incredibly valuable. Meeting them offline often means that the relationship will develop quickly. Trust is easier to build offline and the new friendships are wonderful as well.

3. Set up a Meet and Greet For all Your Online Contacts

Throw a low key meet and greet party, art gallery show, jazz concert or chess tournament and invite all the people that you know online and offline to come and have fun. Use this as a low-key marketing event. It is a time for people to have fun and deepen their own relationships with other people. They will not forget that you are the one that had the party.

Expect to see a spike in Internet traffic both before and after the event. A controversial topic can resonate through online social media providing additional marketing value for months to come.

4. Find Offline Affiliates in Your Area and Join Forces With Them

Often an offline store would love to have an Internet presence but the owner just does not have the time or the money to make a small website or a blog a reality. As a blogger you know how to do this and do it cheaply. Share your tricks and expertise and watch a fast friendship develop. Relationships like these can be very valuable for a blogger.

Most small business owners with storefronts have regular clientele and they know many other business people in your community. Help one or two and watch how quickly people are signing up for your blog. Small stores know about the power of word of mouth marketing and they are good at it!

5. Look into local radio

Public radio rates are extremely reasonable. Local radio stations are always looking for content. Both radio and television require massive amounts of content just like a blog. You might even be able to turn your blog into a regular radio spot for free depending on the station. This can broaden blog viewership exponentially because some of the most avid radio listeners are computer geeks looking to rest their screen-tired eyes.

These are just a few of the great offline marketing opportunities that are available for bloggers. 3-D really is a worthwhile experience!

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