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Creating a bucket list of places you want to go or things you want to do can be a very helpful tool towards attaining your life goals. Having one gives you a master list of things you want to do before your time in this world ends. It’s like foreseeing what you want in the future and putting it in one list.

Making your own bucket list allows you to sort of plan out goals in a step by step process. It also gives you the ability to break down your goals into smaller and more doable activities. Apart from these, there are other reasons why you should create one, here are the top five:

Boost your drive towards attaining a goal

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Having a bucket list can be a huge life booster. Why? Because a bucket list would require you to assess where you currently are and determine the distance that separates you from your goal. When you know these two things, you can ask yourself – am I doing the things I want? Or am I doing things right for me to reach my goals?

Only you can answer these questions and, when you do, if you’re still far from your goal, it will lead you to step up and correct the mistakes you have made. If, however, you are already close to your goal, it will give you the boost of knowing that ‘I am almost there.’

Never again forget a thing you want to do

Even if humans have well developed brains and are the leaders among other animals, you have to remember that each one doesn’t have a perfect memory. It is common for you to forget a few things that you want. I’m sure your brains is constantly bombarded with great ideas, creative concepts, and activities you want to try.

With a bucket list, you can write down the things that need remembering at the moment you are thinking about them. You can then have no worries about forgetting your thoughts or ideas because you’ve already documented them. Occasionally you should revisit your wants and figure out if they’re still relevant in your life.

Become more productive and efficient

When you have a bucket list, you already know the things you want and need to do. You automatically eliminate the time you spend thinking and remembering them, thus you become more efficient. Additionally, when you have a bucket list, you break down your goals into doable activities, which makes it easier and faster for you to achieve your goals.

Moreover, having a bucket list will give you a fresh view of things that you want to do. Consequently, this will force you to do them as fast as you can. It also allows you to sharpen your focus and get you back on track, if you have derailed in any way.

Significantly improve your life

In connection with the above reasons, having a bucket list would basically improve your life. It can be considered a life improvement when you don’t forget about things anymore or you have a sense of purpose. Although it would not be very quick, having a bucket list would affect your life for the better.

In a way, you will slowly improve how you run your life starting with your time management. Too many people waste their precious time on irrelevant things, which in the end have a neutral or negative effect on their entire life. Improving you life now, will only make things better in the long run.

Live a meaningful and memorable life

The most important reason for having a bucket list is to ultimately achieve your goals. It’s the main reason for having this list in the first place. With this, you set your goals and you plan out a way towards attaining them.

To live a meaningful or memorable life doesn’t mean that you did everything you wanted to do. Even achieving a small short-term goal will give you a sense of satisfaction. That feeling alone is your initial reward for your achievement.

On the other hand, even if you don’t achieve everything on your list, you are sure that you have at least some great memories because you attained some of them. Those memories will be the basis of a life that is meaningful, not for others, but for yourself. Always remember, acquiring memories is always better than chasing material possessions.

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