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Everybody has a dream. When you were still a kid, you probably dreamed of fighting space pirates or riding a unicorn over a rainbow. As you grew older, your dreams changed as well—leading you to dream of becoming a doctor, a fireman, or a teacher. Do you still remember your dreams? Are your dreams the same as they were, and have you taken the steps needed to achieve them?

You can still live the life that you’ve always wanted. It’s never too late. And if you find yourself backing out of it, here are a few good reasons why you should stay strong and pursue your dreams:

It gives you something to live for.

Follow Your Dream

It happens to everybody. You open your eyes in the morning and then you find yourself thinking of a million excuses not to get out of bed. You drag yourself towards the shower, load your system with tons of caffeine just to give you enough energy to even start thinking straight. Obviously, you aren’t living the dream. Once you start going for your dreams, you have something solid to live for – something that would make you leap out of bed and find purpose in getting up, no matter how challenging each day may be.

It builds character.

No dream is easy to fulfill – otherwise, it is not a dream, but an ordinary task. Dreams stretch your boundaries and tests your limits, and will even lead you to your breaking point every now and then. Through all this, you will emerge with an even stronger character, polished to perfection because of the heavy beating and grinding that you’ve been through.

It helps you stay youthful.

There’s a very good reason why kids have the wildest dreams. It’s because their imagination has no limits and they are not yet bound by the restrictions that society too often imposes on our lives. When you pursue your dreams, this also means that you commit to doing so even if you would be going against social norms. It means that you get to become almost child-like again, free to carve your own path no matter how ridiculous it may seem to other people.

It makes you positive.

People whose dreams have died often end up having a lot of negative energy within them. It is your decision whether you would let those dreams live on. It is important also to remember that choosing to go for your dreams can easily flush all the negativity out of your life. Yes, there will be challenges that would make you stumble and fall at times, but the passion that pushes you to go forward will wave off the negativity that may start crawling in during moments like these, and start adding more fuel to your fire.

It makes your life beautiful.


People build dreams not because they see misery and pain, but instead people build dreams because it is intended to make life beautiful. No matter how comfortable your life may be today, it will never compare to the beauty and glory that you will see once your dreams are fulfilled.

It allows you to inspire people.

Your dream may not be something that would shatter the world out of amazement. It may not be as groundbreaking as the work of someone who just won the Nobel Prize. But remember this: the mere fact that you had the courage to go against the odds and make your dream become a reality, that’s enough to inspire someone to do the same thing. And just like that, you may have changed a person’s life for the better.

It empowers you to prove people wrong.

No matter how small or big your dream may be, there would always be naysayers who would think of every possible reason why you shouldn’t go for it. Sadly, a lot of people let go of their dreams because of all this negativity. Instead of letting your dreams go, work even harder for it. Nothing beats the satisfaction of proving people wrong, especially when they have kept on saying that you would never be able to do it.

It saves you from regret.

How many old people have admitted that they have had so many regrets in life? Do everything that you can to follow your dreams while you have the capacity to do it. Live your dreams now or forever carry the burden of regret.

It makes the people around you proud.

All the people who stayed behind you all the way will finally have a chance to celebrate your ultimate achievement. Whether they are friends or family, you can finally give them the chance to be truly proud of what you have accomplished.

It makes you proud of YOU!


And yes, if other people are proud of how far you’ve gone, nobody else could be prouder than you yourself. This is one thing that would boost your confidence and make you know and believe that you can do anything you set your eyes on! Now, you can build even bigger dreams and know that nothing is stopping you from making them real.

Remember that your dreams have the power to shape who you are. And because you build your own dreams, following them allows you to even shape your own destiny.

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