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Economic downfalls in the last decade saw a huge increase in the need for high quality graphic design at affordable prices. Crowdsourcing and spec design has quickly become the design industry’s answer to clients’ need for creative design coupled with a fear of unnecessary spending. With crowdsourcing, a client will describe his needs, hundreds of designers will provide concepts, and the client chooses, and only pays for, the one he likes best.

Sounds great for the client – however, design crowdsourcing has been viewed by professional designers as a threat to the design industry. In an age where nearly 75% of Americans are using a personal computer and quickly learning to create basic graphic design, it seems everyone and their cousin is a novice designer these days – before, these were the individuals providing the spec work to typical crowdsourcing sites.

DesignContest does things a little differently, and the unique functions and features of their site address the concerns of both designers wanting to keep the industry professional and clients looking for high quality design at a price they can afford.

What Makes DesignContest Better?

The best, most qualified professional designers in the world.

Professional designers know that just having a computer and some design software does not a designer make. Your clients rely on you to provide well-designed, high quality graphics, in a format that they can actually use. Designers are expected to be knowledgeable in their field, beyond just making pretty pictures. At DesignContest, any designer wishing to compete in professional design contests is pre-screened for an understanding of design basics – including file types, copyright laws, and design ethics.

Solid, continuing relationships.

A common issue with other crowdsourcing sites is that once a client has found the right designer that meets their needs and matches their aesthetic, they can’t work with them directly for future design projects. At, many clients run a contest for their logo design and then work exclusively with their winning design for future projects using the One-on-One Projects feature. One-on-One Projects are still handled through the website, offering security for both client and designer, but provide a unique opportunity to work with an individual instead of a contest setting.

Guaranteed satisfaction for both clients and designers.

All professional design contests at are pre-paid by the clients, meaning that at the contest end, a winning designer will be paid. Anyone that’s participated in other crowdsourcing sites has, no doubt, seen a contest abandoned with no winner selected or paid, and no recourse for the designers that put their efforts into the contest. Or worse, sent winning design files to a client, never to be paid. DesignContest collects payment from clients before the first design is created, meaning a designer will be paid each time. But, they also offer a money-back guarantee for the client – as long as the client has been an active participant in their contest, provided feedback to designers and made a strong effort to get the right design, they have peace of mind knowing their money won’t be wasted. The result is a motivated and involved client and happy designers.

But that’s not all…

While design crowdsourcing may not be for everyone, provides a unique opportunity for designers to work with clients around the world, gain experience and harness their skills, earn money, and build upon their portfolios – all without the same risks found on other sites. And, offers clients unparalleled access to tens of thousands of qualified designers with the assurance of knowing they’ll get a design they love and establish a working relationship with the designer of their choice.

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