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In this age of marketing and promotions, building a brand takes a lot of smart moves coupled with hard work. Today, one must attract a wide range of customers in order to be successful. The overall marketing strategies will vary depending on the type of business you have.

If you’re one of the excited mattress retailers looking for some awesome ways to expand your business, you’re at the right place. Below is a complete guide to some of the great marketing ideas and suggestions to help you.


1. Get a spot on local or community newspapers.

One of the great ways to make your business visible among people in your area is to have it advertised in local or community newspapers and magazines. While you may think that this tactic may be too old-fashioned, there are still a good number of folks who still read it.

You just need to make your advertisement interesting. For instance, you can even mention that you’re offering discounts on certain days. Don’t hesitate to try traditional ways for making your brand or business stand out. Moreover, newspaper advertising isn’t that costly anymore.


2. Offer generous discounts.


All of us are fond of great deals. After all, almost everyone would love to save money no matter the purchase. Your customers too, are looking for great deals. Make sure that you’re offering good discounts to your potential customers – not only to entice them to come back, but so they could share the good news to friends and family as well.

In fact, these discounts are crucial, especially during the holidays. You can even give a pleasant surprise your customers by offering discounts at random dates for no particular reason. These kinds of offers are surely going to grab the most attention.


3. Create an online presence.

While it’s possible that you don’t want to sell your line of mattresses directly on the Web, you can use a website to promote their features, explain differences between different types, and educate people on current mattress technologies. You can even make a review website, or create a write-up for popular platforms, like Sleep Junkie.

Explain the benefits and features of your items, letting prospective buyers get the right knowledge on which one suits them best. You can also talk about how long any mattress should last. If your readers haven’t changed their mattress in years, perhaps you can encourage them to invest in a new one!


4. Try a mattress fundraising.


You can partner up with community organizations or local schools for mattress fundraising projects as part of your marketing or advertising efforts. If they agree, it could cost you little to nothing!

It will be an attractive offer for most of the organizations that need to raise a huge amount of money in just a short time as well. Who knows, this advertising effort could help you make a name for yourself in your own locality!


5. Befriend your potential customers.

Let the people around you see you as their friend! After all, one of the most effective and easiest ways to get to anyone’s heart is to be approachable. Ensure that you, as well as your employees, talk to your customers politely and truthfully.

You must personally test all of the mattresses you have on sale as well. Give sincere opinion on their quality. This kind of honest conversation will make your customers feel valued.

Gaining customers’ trust is one sure way to make your business successful. After following the above ideas, you are surely going to take your mattress retailing business to new heights!

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