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Most people don’t care too much about their Reddit or YouTube accounts so they use the same password everywhere. You can use “fluffy123” to access most of your profiles on the Internet. If someone finds out what your access code is the worst thing that can happen, apart from everybody making fun of you, is they leave a few mean or out of characters comments and messages here and there.

It’s unpleasant but you can get past it. This is not the case when business is concerned, however. You can’t, or rather shouldn’t use your mother’s maiden name as a password because, first of all, it’s creepy, and more importantly – it’s easy to crack. You need to create strong passwords to turn your business into an impenetrable online fortress of code. Here’s how.

Don’t use the same passwords


I really can’t stress this enough. I’ve already touched on the subject but since so many people seem to think it’s a good idea, I will say it again – use different password. I know it’s a bit more work to remember ten different passwords, but it’s much safer than using one and the same sequence of symbols, no matter how secure you think it is. A neighbor of mine thought her Wi-Fi password was pretty secure.

Soon after her Wi-Fi was installed, the kids from the neighborhood cracked her password and started using free Wi-Fi. So much for her phone number being a secure password. Since it was probably the password she was using on all of her accounts, if the kids were interested, they could’ve made her online life a living hell. Stop being lazy and use different passwords.

Don’t use something that can be related to you as a password

Internet security programmers are working their asses off for eight hours a day so they can guarantee you’re safe from hackers and crackers. You on, on the other hand, decide that it’s a good to use the same password on all of your accounts. Not only that, but you think your daughter’s birthday makes a strong password and shows what a good daddy you are in the same time.

That’s like having an intricate security system you never turn on and even though you lock the door when you head out, you always leave the key under the mat, which nearly everybody knows. “Welcome”, indeed. This is your online business we are talking about here. Do you have any idea what damage can be done if someone manages to crack it open? You need a strong password.

What is this strong password I’ve been blabbering about all article?

I’m glad you’ve finally come to your sense and decided to listen. You see, all of those annoying things websites make you type when you are thinking of a password are not just there to make your life miserable. Those are safety precautions meant to protect your online business or private life. The programmers just know that “gainsville372” is not as good a password as “[email protected]$cv;op97s<” is. The longer and less logical your password is, the better. The more out of place symbols there are, the harder the job of the password cracking algorithm gets.

You need to have a strong password to ensure the security of your online business. Needless to say you mustn’t show it anyone. If you’re having a trouble remembering it, you can still write it down, but keep it under lock and key. When you finally manage to memorize it, destroy the sheet of paper you wrote it on. This is the only way you be certain that you’re giving any potential hacker a bad time. Of course, you can stick with “batmanforever” thinking it’s a secure password, but don’t complain when someone hijacks your account.

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