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A new venture is indubitably an exciting new phenomenon for budding entrepreneurs who are eager to see their labor of love witness rapid popularity and financial fecundity. In the rush to achieve these ends, however, burgeoning businesspersons ought not to forsake self-development, a factor that will benefit them immensely in the long run.

If you’re an up-and-coming entrepreneur, you’ll find the following self-growth tips useful for achieving all-round success:


1. Frame Realistic Goals

As a new entrepreneur you must frame realistic objectives for yourself, which will translate into more achievable targets for your enterprise. Thus ascertain that the objectives are genuine, attainable, and in conformity with your venture’s philosophy and culture. Constructing a broad vision and realizing the same through smaller, assignable actions is an approach worth espousing.

2. Control Your Stress

Work-related stress is a debilitating new phenomenon afflicting a surprising number of young executives and businesspersons. You may have already faced stressful situations like tight deadlines, client dropouts, personnel issues, and failed products. Hence, it is vital to keep stress at bay by adopting the ensuing practices:

a) Plan your schedules assiduously to avoid future troubles.
b) Do not get angry or irritable. If you do, then take deep inhalations and mediate to help dissipate the rage.
c) Learn to channel your frustration constructively – such as getting charged up positively after a disappointing profit season.
d) Delimit your smartphone and computer use taking car to avoid instinctively checking mails and messages.
e) Take time out and exercise often to de-focus and emerge re-energized.

3. Be A Better Manager

As an entrepreneur (most likely a manager of your venture), subordinates look upon you to not only deliver results but also be a well-rounded person who assists and motivates them. Therefore you would do well to adopt the following qualities and steps forthwith:

a) Balance your managerial approach – be strict, by all means, when conditions demand but do not be insentient to your employees’ grievances either.
b) Never harbor negative emotions and traits like resentment, jealously, arrogance, profanity, and egoism nor allow any of your subordinates to entrench the same.
c) Interact frequently with your subordinates and keep the channels of communication open.
d) Foster team work and collective spirit invariably.

4. Achieve An Optimal Work-Personal Life Equilibrium

This recommendation is exceedingly crucial. Many budding managers devote more time than necessary to their respective ventures eventually succumbing to estrangements, anxieties, health issues, and unwarranted vacations. Remember that as a supervisor you can mold your work and time schedules to suit you – as long as, of course, the overall dispensation is not vitiated. So take control of your work-personal life balance by:

a) Formulating lucid and intelligent company-level plans with individual duties clearly delineated.
b) Composing a micro, personal plan as well outlining your day’s activities, their priorities, and their durations.
c) Focusing on strategic decisions and delegating basic, operational tasks to subordinates.
d) Never bringing your work and work-related problems back home.

5. Embrace Financial Prudence

Knowing when, where, how, and how much to spend is another trait worth possessing. It is best to adopt a just approach – neither too parsimonious and nor too profligate. If you imbibe financial justness (and pay attention to your budgets too!), it will pay great dividends as you go along.

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