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Etsy is an online platform where people just like you sell their handmade products and crafts. According to, Etsy is one of the top 150 most visited websites in the world. More than ever, there has been a growing demand of custom or handmade products. In a world where most products are manufactured by machines, people enjoy the fact that something they bought is unique and cannot be purchased at a local retailer.

Many have tried but failed to sell items on Etsy. Others have made a few sales but never saw another dime after that. Frankly, it’s really not that easy to get on the Etsy bandwagon. To make matters worse, there is no way to break into the site and instantly become a popular seller. The fact is a lot of time and effort must be spent to really build a reputation and achieve desired results.

To help you in building your business on Etsy, here are the top methods for maximizing profits on the website.

Eye-Catching Photos

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One of the most important things to make a good impression on customers is having beautiful photos. They need to be of high quality and show your product in a way which entices people to buy it, what I like to call “drool-worthy.” You also make sure that all your items have quality photographs. One item cannot look better than the other. They must all compliment each other. Overall this will give a sense of professionalism while building trust.

It would be ideal to use a good background, anything that is not plain and shows off your product. If you’re selling small items such as rings, you have to use a good back print that complements it and makes it stand out. And if you’re selling a large item, such as furniture, you have to place it in a setting where it should be placed, such as a living room. But you can always improvise. You can try and experiment on different backdrops and settings to achieve one that’s perfect for your product.

Build Your Brand

A successful Etsy seller once said “the look and feel of your shop should reflect your product and your personal style,” this is what it means to build your brand. You have to make people remember your shop in a way that when they revisit, they can recall the name of your shop and the products you sell. Additionally, you must have a style that differs and doesn’t blend in with the thousands of other shops on the site. In this way, you stand out and attract more people to your shop.

To help you with building your own brand you must first ask yourself these questions: What message do I want to communicate to people? Is your message embodied in your photos, banners, logo and tagline? Who is your target market? Answering these sort of question will allow you to pin point your focus and stop being “just another seller on Etsy.”

Great Customer Service


One very important factor to make customers come back is the service they experience. Customers love it when you show that you care and make them feel important. Additionally, providing excellent service encourages the strongest form of advertising – word of mouth. So there is no question that you should endeavor to please your customers and prospective buyers in every possible way.

One good place to start providing excellent customer service, is responding to inquiries promptly. Chances are, these people will change their minds and look for other products if it takes a while for them to hear from you. Another way to do the same is by giving discounts and coupons to repeat customers. By this method, you lure them into buying more, hence you get more profits.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is a powerful source for much needed traffic to your products and your shop. It can be a great source to target customers. It can also be a very good avenue for advertising and letting people know about your products and most importantly, your brand.

Having a Facebook fan page, an Instagram account, a Pinterest account or a Twitter account for your shop is ideal. These resources will help you drive traffic to your shop. It also encourages people to talk about your brand. Hence, you become popular little by little. Always remember to regularly connect with your customers through various social media outlets so that you build goodwill and create lasting customer relationships.

Amazing Packaging


A very good reason for people to come back to your shop is, believe it or not, the packaging of your product. The fact is people get attracted to awesome packaging. It excites them to see a beautiful package. It makes an impression on them even before they open what’s inside. Moreover, the quality of packaging influences the customer’s perception of the quality of the product itself.

To have good packaging, you have to use non-generic materials. Or, if you use generic boxes, you have to add a little something that distinguishes your box from other ones. A good idea would be putting your logo on the packaging and adding a feel of your brand or theme on the box. It’s also a good idea to package your product as if it was a gift. In which case, there is a high likelihood of your customer saving your beautiful box and being reminded of your brand.

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