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GoPro makes the world’s most versatile camera. If you’ve been under a rock, GoPro helps people capture and share their lives’ most meaningful experiences with others. The company was formed by Nick Woodman. Woodman said he was inspired to start the company following a 2002 Australia surfing trip in which he was hoping to capture quality action photos of his surfing, but could not because amateur photographers could not get close enough, or obtain quality equipment at accessible prices.

Finding a solution to his problem, Woodman started to raise money for his company by selling bead and shell belts out of his VW van. Each belt sold for under $20. While making the belts he came upon the idea of providing a fashionable strap to attach a camera. At the time most straps were rubber wrist straps that were awkward, painful or easily broken. His desire for a camera system that could capture the professional angles inspired the ‘GoPro’ name.

The waterproof/shockproof GoPro camera is targeted towards adventure, adrenaline and sports fanatics. Since 2004, GoPro has branched out from the surf crowd to be used by auto racing, skiing and bicycling as new adapters are created. The company encourage sharing your experience with others, rather than spending it alone. Their brand has grown dramatically because of partnerships with companies like RedBull and their exhilarating commercials.

Today we collected some beautiful images and videos that were taken with a GoPro camera. Enjoy!

Flying over Salt Lake by Tom Wallisch

Arête des Cosmiques by Dominik Schmeer

Neil Amonson hanging out at 10,000 feet by Neil Amonson

Sailplane Sunset by Chad Nowak

Snow bird! by David Bengtsson

Bird's eye view! by David Filho

Which way is up? by Julien Robin

Get out and ride! by Salar Salehi

Apocalypse now! by Grant Davis

The GoPro Bomb Squad Takes a Day Off by NEIL AMONSON

Frontside invert by Bucky Lasek

Trail Airtime by Brian Lopes

Big air at Utah Olympic Park by Dylan Ferguson

Slalom Waterski Sesh! by Travis Waibel

GoPro photos

GoPro photos

GoPro photos

GoPro photos

GoPro photos

GoPro photos

GoPro photos

GoPro photos

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