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We now live in world where we have unbelievable access to the tools of photography…and, oh so many apps to go along with them! Our phones and tablets do it all for us, including photography at such a high level that digital cameras are about to be put out of existence.

So, without further ado, let’s look at 10 of the best photography apps out there that you can access to make your photography or photo-processing experience even more powerful than it already is.

ClickBerry Tagger (iOS)

ClickBerry Tagger

With this app, your family, loved ones, friends, and social media acquaintances will only see what you intended for them to see in your video uploads to social media through the use of tags and bookmarks within those videos. You get to add in some original text of your own, too. Comments that you receive on social media get stored into a singular file within the app. Just know that this free app requires you to let it access FaceBook for it to be used.


PowerCam (Android & iOS)


If you love features, PowrCam is the app to make you salivate. Choose Color Splash, FaceTimer, Panorama, Tilt-shift, or Magic Shot (where you’re able to add more than 60 effects to a video or photo, all in real time) to enhance any photograph or video like a true artist. Yes, the enhancement choices can be overwhelming…and that’s the only criticism, as well as the greatest strength, of this free app.


Instagram (Android & iOS)


This one is the leading social media photo sharing app for the iPhone. Instagram makes amateurs look like pros, and can make highly mobile pros look even better. The only notable drawback to this app is that everything is the same size — so it’s something of a digital, social media return to the Polaroid days. But if you’re on a mission to share photos straight from your iPhone, you can’t beat this app.


Paper Camera (Android)


Use your camera feed to create the coolest cartoons that ever there were! This app overlays cartoon effects upon your camera eye, all in real time. Sketch, cartoon, comic book, half tone, noir, and neon effects are all there at your fingertips. If you’ve always suspected that the whole world is really a cartoon, this app proves it to you.


Pro HDR Camera (Android & iOS)


Serious about HDR photography? Welcome to the first real HDR app for Android in the whole world. The very same people who developed Pro HDR for iOS now endow your Android device with the ability to create fantastic, full-resolution HDR images merely by tapping the device. No more buying and lugging about of expensive HDR photography equipment, once you’ve got this app.


Picasa Mobile (Android)

Picasa Mobile

If you love Picasa, as many millions do, now you’ve got it to go. With this incredible app, you will upload photographs to your Picasa album instantly no matter where you are thanks to the built-in GPS tracker. This feature will also include an automatic marker about where you were when you took your photograph. It also features the Fast Picasa Web Album, which you can use while you’re on the go to show off your Picasa album to friends and acquaintances, showing them the story of your many and sundry travels while you tell about it.


Photo Studio PRO (Android)


This app is raved about not only by amateur photographs but by the pros, too. If you’re highly mobile and need a darkroom/touch up studio, then this app is for you. Enhance your photography by calling upon one of various categories  including Black & White, Cold Tones, Warm Tones, Simple Tone, Art, Lomo, and Vintage. Additionally you can make use of more than 70 special effects.


Lapse It (Android & iOS)


Who doesn’t love time-lapse photography? Now, you’ve got time-lapse photographic powers right there on your Android device. This app is easy and simple to use, having been designed to be intuitive rather than overly technical.


Cymera (Android)


Many photography apps users believe that this one is the best for the money (well, it’s free!). Cymera’s designers had the making and enhancing of visual beauty in mind when they made this app. Proprietary face recognition software, outstanding collage effects, carefully chosen filters, a vast array of different shooting modes and lenses…every necessary tool is here.


Photo Editor by Aviary (Android & iOS)


Yes, the magic of Aviary is still around and, with this app, still free! If you can’t do everything that you want to do with a digital camera phone with this app, then you’re either just not very creative or you need to shell out a few bucks for something way more elaborate.


Camera360 Ultimate (Android & iOS)


This is it — the most popular free photography app on the face of the Earth, better than ever. You get seven awesome Shooting Modes, third generation special effects, Photo Montage maker, and the Camera 360 Cloud along with very easy to use social media photo sharing options.


Thanks to these apps, amateur photographers have never seemed more professional, and mobile professionals have never been more competitive.

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