Choosing the right geofencing partner is critical to the success of your marketing campaign. You want a geofencing provider that allows you to precisely set up fences and target the customers you want.

Unfortunately, geofencing has kind of become an online buzzword that a lot of providers use to trap hapless clients. While many of these providers do provide geofencing services, they often lack the expertise and essential features.

In this post, we reveal how you can find a great geofencing partner from a list of bad ones.

Here are 6 signs that you are dealing with a bad geofencing company.


Offers Limited Flexibility in Terms of Setting Up the Fences

Geofencing is solely dependent on how precisely you can setup the virtual fences. Some geofencing firms only allow you to select a circular area.

These are completely impractical if you want to precisely fence out a building. A great geofencing partner like Propellant Media would allow you to precisely mark the boundaries of your business location.

The geofencing software should give you the freedom to fence small spaces as well as large city-wide boundaries.


Solely Reliant on GPS Data


The problem with platforms that rely solely on GPS data is that it fails to target a lot of customers. This is mainly due to the fact that many users keep their GPS turned off to reduce battery drain.

The best way forward is to find a provider that uses GPS, cellular, and Bluetooth signals.


Allows Only a Limited Number of Locations

Even if you only have a few locations, you want a provider that allows you to set several geofences.

Apart from targeting customers near your location, you might also benefit from geofencing your competitors’ locations and trying to lure their customers into your store with offers and discounts.

A platform that allows you to only set a few geofences is not a great fit if you want to implement this strategy.


Forces You to Buy Hardware and Devices

macro shot photo of a computer RAM

Encouraging customers to buy hardware devices such as beacons is not a standard norm. Geofencing requires no additional devices on your end to work perfectly.

You should avoid geofencing companies that require you to buy a “geofencing” device.


Doesn’t Work When the User’s Screen is Off

When selecting a geofencing company you should ask this specifically. Do not accept complicated and deceiving answers because it should be a simple yes or no question.

Does the system work if the user’s phone doesn’t have the store’s app open?

Will users get notifications if their screen is turned off? If the answers to these questions are negative, then you should consider that as an immediate red flag.


Sends Out Too Many Notifications

Sends Out Too Many Notifications

Some geofencing partners send out a lot of notifications to their users and they do not employ proper spam filtering. When customers receive too many notifications, they tend to ignore them all.

The geofencing system should have anti-spam features to prevent sending duplicate notifications or sending out too many notifications at one to a single user.

Bombarding customers with messages is not how geofencing works.

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