Designers have a lot on their plates, and anything that can simplify the process while ensuring quality should be a good thing, right? That’s what I’ve found, anyway.

For example, developing UI kits isn’t what you’d call an easy thing. There are tons of different elements that need to be created, from icons to sliders and visual controls (and a host of other elements, too). How long does it take you to build each of those items? If you’re one of those who doesn’t accept anything less than perfection, it takes much too long.

Designers who have to outsource their UI kit design and creation have it even harder. Once the client pays and sends their information, you have to pay a designer and submit the criteria for the project. Then you have to wait, and then wait some more. Once the kit is designed and delivered, there’s nothing guaranteeing it will be correct, and lengthy revisions are sometimes necessary.

To sum up, UI kits are a hassle, whether you’re building them yourself or outsourcing the process. While there is a solution to this situation, let’s take a look at a few other things first – like the reason it’s so very important your UI kits are done right the first time.

Customer Satisfaction Trumps All

When you buy from a company, you expect a product that lives up to its reputation. Your customers are no different. When you create a UI kit for your clients, they expect the kit to be as close to perfect as it’s possible to get, right? Unfortunately, the smallest detail can compromise that experience. For instance, what if your graphics are fully scalable?

What if you can’t optimize for mobile viewers? Chances are good that your client’s going to wonder just what they paid you for in the first place. You can scratch them off the list of possible repeat buyers, too. As someone who did this for a living, I can tell you that if you aren’t able to fully satisfy your customers, they won’t be back.

Finding a Working Solution

So, what’s your source for UI kits? You might think that searching Google is a good option, but one quick look should cure you of that misassumption. You might think that working with a custom designer is the answer (and it CAN be), but your wallet isn’t going to thank you. Designers get paid well for their services, and that cuts into both your profit margin and your ability to offer cost effective services to your customers.

PixelKit Rescues Your Projects

There is a high-quality solution available for those who need a proper UI kit designed. You’ll find that PixelKit offers a library of high-quality UI kits and other design resources for a broad variety of different needs.

What sets this site apart from other resources? It’s 100% dedicated to providing UI kits. That means you’ll find sliders, buttons, menu elements, icons, boxes, visual controls, app screens and more here. They’re experts – that means high quality solutions for your specific needs.

Of course, there is a fee involved here. is a subscription-based platform. However, before you assume they’re just like every other resource out there, let me point out the difference. Where you might pay another resource monthly for access to a paltry selection of elements, charges only $39 per year for full access to their comprehensive library. You won’t find that with any other service provider out there.

What’s in the Box

Before you head off on your own to explore the site, let’s take a quick look at what comes in the box – what the site can offer you.

Updates – One of the most important differences here is that updates every month.

Compatible with Mobile – Mobile compatibility is a huge issue today, and you’ll find that these UI kits ensure that you really deliver to your clients in terms of platform compatibility.

Grid Consideration – 960 grids; that’s what these UI kits are compatible with.

Thousands upon Thousands of Options – You’ll find tons of different icons and elements here, which ensures that you don’t suffer the fate that would befall you if opted to use a less comprehensive provider (one that only included a handful of elements in each kit).

The Immediate Upshot

For designers, the immediate upshot of using is the fact that you’ll be able to save time, money and hassle, all while boosting customer satisfaction and overall profitability. You can deliver complete jobs faster and move on to the next project in record time.

Shoot me a comment at the bottom of the post letting me know what you think of PixelKit. While you’re at it, let me know what source you’ve been using for your UI kits too!

Arctic Sunset UI Kit


Metro Vibes UI Kit


Gentle Edges Icon Set


Dark Velvet


Swanky Outlines Icon Set


Sweet Candy UI Kit


Crooked Stats Infographic Kit


Flat Jewels Icon Set


File Manager App Kit


Vanilla Cream UI Kit


Tasty Bites Icon Set


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