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We all hate traffic, but the situation is quite the opposite when it comes to a webpage. In fact, when designing a website, designers wish for a high amount of people and they are quite disappointed when audience fails to appear. However, the point of this article is to show you some ways of increasing the traffic of your website with the help of a landing page. Therefore, you should all pay attention to these lines because here you will find some secrets, as far as the designing of the landing page is concerned.


The importance of a landing page

It is no secret that once you will get acquainted to ways of creating a landing page you will better your conversion rates. By improving this matter, it means that you will grow your sales or that you will get more members registered to your website, either way it is good news for you.

Also, one of the reasons why one should create something like this is due to the fact that it will put emphasis on the services or the products that the website sells. As a result, people will clearly understand what is it that your webpage deals with, how they should use it or which are the steps they should follow, in order to purchase certain items.

State the purpose

From the first moments the visitor spends on this page, he or she should clearly understand what is the purpose, goal and task that this has to achieve. As a result, the designer must think about the aim or he or she should have a clear conversation with the client, so that everything, including the headline, the graphics, and so on will relate to this main goal.

However, if you come to the conclusion that you have more than one purpose, then it is mandatory to create another landing page. Why? Well, one should create something like this on the principle: one purpose, one page. Do not mix the aims and goals, or you will confuse the reader and harden his or her use of the website.

Make it simple

So, I have made it clear so far that you will have to put emphasis on the purpose. However, in order to complete this action in a successful manner you must think about simplicity. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your readers! Would you like to read long and boring texts? I don’t think so! Therefore, you should divide everything in small sections, you should make use of bullets or numbers and you should definitely write in bold or italic the most important matters.

Also, a great technique that will help you shorten your texts would be cutting everything until you have made your point with the minimum of words. It is important to do this, otherwise your visitors will get bored and they will fail to see the big idea.

Don’t forget about the call-to-actions

I have mentioned previously that the landing page should show its users how to move around the page. In order to make it easier for them, and to offer a great experience, you should definitely add some call-to-action buttons. Well, it is not necessary for your call-to-action to be a button. It could also be a link or a payment, for instance. The point is that the landing page should include such features, because these will give your visitors helpful instructions and directions.

At the same time, if you want your customers to click these call-to-actions, then these should tell them what will happen next. This way, people will trust your page and will definitely be in control of the situation. So, don’t forget to mention this thing, as well, because it is very important for your visitors.

The graphic elements

The images of your landing page will definitely encourage the visitors to buy your product, if applied correctly. It is advisable to avoid overcrowding elements, too many colors, or images that simply fill in the space. Since your choices are limited, it is best to go for something that will make the users want to have your items or to benefit from your services.

Also, because there should be a relation between all the items on your page, your images should contain something that would direct the readers’ view towards the call-to-actions. So, for a wonderfully designed landing page, one should take this aspect into consideration.

The location

It is not enough just to know that your landing page should contain call-to-actions or headlines. You should also know where these items must be placed. It is obvious that the most important should occupy the first positions, in the top of the page, so that no one will miss them. However, as far as call-to-actions are concerned they are allowed to repeat, because as I have already mentioned, these give directions to your readers, so you must make sure that these people won’t lose their ways.

Testing: 1, 2, 3

Do you want to make sure that everything will go as planned, and that the traffic will start to increase? Well, then you should test your landing page and see if the readers respond to it. By testing it, it means that one should come up with two different pages that will have different elements.

Then, the designer should track the conversion rates and should become aware of the things that the visitors agree with or strongly dislike. This step is very important, because it will show you what it is important to improve and change about yourself and about your designing style.


Now that you have gathered a few ideas on how to create a successful landing page then you will have no problems in achieving your goals. Also, because now you are aware of the importance of this matter, I am sure you won’t skip the process of designing it. Anyway, the conclusion is that a well-designed landing page will totally bring advantages to your website, since it will create traffic, grow the sales and emphasize the purpose of your work.

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