There are several small car repairs you can do to save money. If you own a car, you may have realized there are several problems which can face your vehicle and they end up making you spend a lot of money.

For example, you need the oil change, spark plug change, and even brakes pads will require changing.

Remember also if you take good care of your car, there are some components such as oil you need to change on a regular basis. You can do the job on your own which can save you a lot of money in the process.

Many people assume qualified experts should do the repairs. But, you can do them at home. To make it even convenient to you, most spare parts come with instruction manuals which you can follow to replace the parts or repair your car.

We are going to explain to you simple car repairs you can perform to save money.

Small car repairs you can do to save money:


1. Replace windshield

With time the windshield wiper of your car can wear out which will require replacement.

There is no need of taking the windshield wiper to your nearest mechanic. You can perform the repair on your own which will save you money in the process.

A windshield wiper is an easy task which you can perform to save money which will not expose you to any form of inconveniences.

Even if you have never tried replacing wiper blades before, you should not worry. They are available online, or you can walk to your nearest store where you can buy them.

After you buy the wiper blades, just read the installation instructions provided, and you will be good to go within a matter of minutes.

It is a simple task you should learn on how to perform so that you can avoid wasting time and money waiting for the wiper blades to be replaced in your nearest auto repair shop.

Some mechanics will even exaggerate the procedure making you believe it is something hard to perform so that you can part with more money.


2. Replace car oil

Replace car oil

In your money management, you should learn how you can replace your car engine oil. You have the mileage on your car which indicates when the oil change should be performed.

To avoid cases where you will forget to change the oil and incur more repair cost, make a habit of checking the oil change due.

You should start by buying quality engine oil.

Go for synthetic oil which can preserve your car engine. After you purchase the engine oil, you should as well replace the oil filters.

The process of checking your oil filters as well as the air filter is a simple process you can perform at home.

Provided you have bought the right engine oil and filters; you can accomplish the task within a matter of minutes saving a lot of money which you would have paid to the mechanic as labor fees.


3. Jumpstart a car

It is not a car repair tip, but it is necessary for you to know how you can jumpstart a car.

You avoid cases where a simple fault in your battery connection can make you hire a tow truck or even spend a night in a place where your safety is not guaranteed.

Here are some of the steps you can take to jumpstart your car:

  • Always ensure before you start your journey you have jumper cables in place as well as a spare tire.
  • Stop the ignition in both vehicles and place them in neutral
  • It is necessary to place the vehicles in parking, or neutral gear then engage parking brakes. You avoid the risk of accidents where the car can start without your knowledge when trying to jumpstart it.
  • Attach the positive terminal of the jumper cable (red terminal) to your car battery positive terminal. Connect to the other vehicle battery positive terminal. The positive terminal is distinguished due to its thickness. It is thicker than the negative terminal.
  • Attack the negative or black cable to the other car battery then attack your unpainted part of the car.
  • Start your car
  • If the problem was in your battery, then the car should start. Start the car and let it run for some time so that it can charge the battery of your car which may have gone low.

If the vehicle starts, but after switching the ignition of the problem persists, then your battery is not keeping a charge. Hence you should replace it.


4. Replace battery

stainless steel wrenches

A battery can last for up to 6 years. You can check the date of manufacture of the battery so that you can know whether it is time to replace it.

It is an easy task to perform, first ensure you do not swap the terminals in the process. The negative cable should be replaced the last upen replacing your car battery.


5. Change Your Brake Pads

You should ensure the brakes are in good working conditions so that you can avoid cases where the car can expose you to the danger of accidents due to brake failure.

It is an easy task which you can perform and avoid exploitation by mechanics. You need tools such as wheel lug wrench, pliers and a jack stand to get the job done.

Most car brake pads come with instructions on how you can fit them to the wheels. To start saving money on car repair, always buy the best brake pads which will not wear out after a short while.


6. Change Your Spark Plugs

Engine of a vintage classic car

The spark plugs are among simple repairs you can perform on your car. You need a spark plug wrench to remove them from your car engine head and check the condition.

If they are not in good shape, or the mileage for them to be replaced is due, then you can buy them and perform the replacement at home.


7. Replace a Headlight or Taillight

You cannot drive a car without headlight or taillight at night. Traffic officers can easily give you a ticket, and you end up paying a lot regarding the fine.

The easiest way for you to replace the lights starts by buying the best headlights.

Open the housing and fit them. It is an easy task which requires few tools.



The above are simple car repairs you can do yourself. You should make a habit of fixing the small issues if you would like to save money on your car maintenance.

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