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The world has finally woken up! More and more of us simple human beings are opening our eyes and realizing that everything we need is right here, right in front of us! For so many years, we have taken for granted that ‘nothing lasts forever’ and that unfortunately includes mother natures resources. We have used these up to the point of extinction but it is only until now that a new awareness seems to be among us.

People are now looking more ‘obviously’ than ‘complicated’ when it comes to the general logistics of modern day survival and because of this, an ‘organic-loving the world we live in’ revolution has started. Lets have a look at its best contributions:

Solar Power Systems

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Since its introduction into everyday life, electricity has been wasted by the western world. Asian countries such as Nepal and Laos still seem to understand its value and that’s why they put a curfew on this resource (all lights go out for four hours during sunset). It is only until now, when levels are at an alarming rate, that people have started to think about the future.

We have understood for thousands of years the potency of the suns energy. Only until recently have we managed to find a way to harness a small part of its true strength. This has been achieved by certain components binding together to make something called a ‘solar power system’. This system has been specifically designed to convert the DC energy provided from the sun into an AC charge which can power our houses electronics.

Once viewed as NASA rocket science, designers and engineers have made things a lot more simple. This is mainly down to its effectiveness and overall obviousness. It is now so simple that home solar power systems can be assembled by a complete novice without much hassle. If you are thinking of making the big switch and saving money then here is a ‘parts checklist’ for what you will need:

  1. Solar Panels
  2. Solar array disconnect
  3. Battery charge controller
  4. Solar power converter
  5. Deep cycle batteries

Recycling Waste

Who would’ve thought that a cows boo-boo could be so valuable. Considered by many of the worlds most renowned ‘green fingers’ as the best food for all plants, compost has been a friend of the flower beds for many years. Not only does it make the soil it is placed on perfect fertile ground, the nutrients it provides for plants and alike are second to none.

Due to its huge popularity, compost is now being used in more than one way. Discovered to be an amazing resource contender when it comes to the race to find the perfect bio-fuel, the original compost, mainly coming from cows is now running second place to, wait for it, Elephant dung! In fact it was only the other night I met a guy who was now moving his ‘interests’ into this market. He did forget to mention where to buy an Elephant so if anyone has a friend who is looking to sell theirs let me know; has to be London based.

Beauty Products

The fact is that most natural beauty products work better. For conditions such as acne and skin defects, it has proven time after time the huge pharmaceutical products launched it now seems weekly. actually prolong the defect rather than cure it; how profitably convenient. The more people are looking to mother earth for their answers, the more cures and preventions are being found. Here are a few of my favourites:

  1. Baking soda and Coconut oil = Toothpaste
  2. Corn starch = Powder deodorant
  3. Apple cider vinegar and salt = A very effective shampoo

Non toxic Cleaning Chemicals

Many people have gone back to basics and started to look in their fridge and back garden rather than the cleaning isles of the local supermarket when it comes to mopping the floor and scrubbing the tiles of a bathroom. Due to the well known toxicity of standard bleaches and cleaning fluids, people have started to squeeze a lemon or dab some vinegar on those harder grimy corners. ‘

Baking soda is now replacing the washing up powder we use for our clothes, lemon and lime has been adopted to clean our plates and vinegar can be used to scrub just about anything. See if you can find any natural alternatives when it comes to the chores.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was Bangkok, so taking things slowly is always a good idea. Just be mindful of the fact that everything we do is connected, and this is especially true when it comes to the effect we have on the environment we live in.

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This guest post was written by Abbi Cox of Phones 4u.

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