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If you are looking for chalkboard fonts you are in the right place! Chalkboard fonts are mostly used for school presentation slides and abstract projects. We also see them in advertisements, banners, education, businesses and nursery institutions. Many Photoshop designers also mix these fonts to render some creative implementation in their digital artwork.

Operating systems like Mac OS and Windows also have a very similar chalkboard font shipped by default. Having a single source for your project is…. well… just plain boring. You need to have a good variety of choice for different occasions. Today we have listed a vast amount of chalkboard fonts from different publishers and designers. These fonts are all free to use and download. Every single images is linked to the zipped folder/download page. Enjoy!

AEZ chalkboard

ArmyChalk font


Chalk Outlines fontChalkdust font

Chalkdustcondensed font

Chalkdustextended font

chalkie font

Chalkpat font



Clouds of Despair LSF

CSD-Chalk-Normal font

Eraser Regular




JLR School Slate

KG Ten Thousand Reasons

KR Rachel's Chalkboard font

LC Chalk font

LCR School Daze


Rowling Stone Chalked font

Simply Chalky font

squeaky chalk sound font

squeaky chalk sound



VTKS Animal 2

Vtks Chalk 79

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