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For many companies, especially well-established ones or ones that have been around for a while, it can be easy for managers and employees to become set in their ways and develop senses of complacency.  It is generally much more comfortable to turn to routines and techniques that have been used and have been demonstrated to be successful in the past than it is to adopt new, unproven ones that may be different to what a business is used to.

However, just because something is working does not necessarily mean that it is working at its highest, most efficient potential.  With today’s constantly changing technology and rapidly expanding business fields, consistently retaliating both internal and external business practices is necessary for companies that want to stay competitive in their respective fields.  The following are suggestions that, if adopted by your company, can help to eliminate time-wasting practices and should ultimately increase business efficiency:

Do your research

Before you make any changes to your business’s current methods or practices, you first need to make sure there are actually changes that need to be made and concretely identify potential areas of improvement.  Experimenting with dozens of different strategies that may or may not help your business run more efficiently is a waste of time and resources, so do your research to ensure that the changes you make will benefit your company in the long run.

Get employee feedback

The people who actually work at a company are hands down the best resource for discovering what is and isn’t working in a business.  Rather than simply assuming what needs to be done, speak to employees at all business levels to determine the most crucial areas that need to be improved. The people who utilize technologies, methods and programs every day will have the clearest ideas of how they may possibly be improved.

Eliminate idle resources

It is just as important to identify areas of a business that can be eliminated as it is to identify areas that can be updated or improved. If a program is wasting more time loading than it is providing helpful information, or if there are unnecessary steps in a certain process, do away with them as quickly as possible and explore newer programs or techniques that can save your business time and money. Wasting time means losing opportunities to make money, so even if it’s a practice that has been around for years, don’t keep it around if it’s not worthwhile.

Update technology

Working with technology or programs that are out of date, slow-moving or difficult to learn is one of the biggest ways to waste company time, which is why being up to date with the latest technology is crucial for any competitive business. Investing in newer and better technologies may require additional training in the beginning stages of implementation, but the benefits of using the best tools in your business will be well worth the time or money.

Taking office communication and documents online is an excellent way to save time and organize your company from the inside, and using the best, most accurate technologies to do research and measure information will benefit your overall profits and growth. Choosing technology that is accurate, fast and user-friendly will undoubtedly make business practices more efficient.

Reach out to partners

There are almost no companies that operate solely on their own; most rely on partnerships with other businesses for many aspects of production or service. If these partners are inefficient, your business will likely suffer as a result; therefore working efficiently with business partners is crucial. Share productivity or program suggestions with your partner companies and constantly communicate updates and changes to make sure that businesses are working together as smoothly as possible.

Inefficient business practices lead to slower successful results and lower profits, neither of which are positive things for any company. Staying engaged with employees and constantly analyzing business operations will provide you with valuable insights into just how efficient your business can potentially be, as well as how to reach your business efficiency goals.

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Posted by Meredith Kimelblatt

Meredith Kimelblatt writes on behalf of Data Weighing Systems.  Data Weighing Systems is a leading distributor of weighing and force measuring equipment with expertise in technology and electronics products that can significantly increase business efficiency and measurement accuracy.  To explore rental scales, reel counter rentals or Sartorius scales that could benefit your business, visit

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