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The truth is, studying nursing is not easy at all. But with the right plan, attitude and implementing some proven tips, nursing school can be easier for you. Here are some tips to help you with.


1. Use Flashcards

You will need to memorize some areas in your studies. Hence, you can use flashcards to jot down points which you can easily review while performing other tasks. You can even use sticky notes to list important sign ranges and stick this note to your bathroom mirror. Thus, each time you’re brushing, you will see them and over time, they become second nature.


2. Know Which Study Tips Work Best for You

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As humans, we differ in the way we learn. Some learn kinetically, some need to read it and some need to hear it. Then the question is, what’s the best way to learn? When you know it, you can comprehend faster and effectively. For example, listeners do best when they listen because the sound of listening helps them to recollect better.


3. Augment Your Class Resources with Other Proven Sources

While it is good to learn from your instructor or text, you can improve your knowledge by using other proven resources such as the websites and apps. For the best results, read those chapters on website or app before you read your textbook. It will give you an overview of what you’re about to learn. However, the final and the correct authorities are your instructors and your textbook.


4. Use the Nursing Exam Study Guide

One of the proven ways to make nursing school easier for you is to use the ANCC practice tests as your study guide. Doing this has two main benefits:

  • You become familiar with the way tests questions are presented
  • You know the subject areas to focus for your nursing exam

Though the licensing exam does not contain all that you must know, combining it with your study preparations will give you more confidence during tests periods.


5. Stop Trying to Retain Everything on Your First Read

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If you do, you will be frustrated since nursing school involves lots of reading. The simple and effective solution is to skim a specific chapter to determine the most important information before reading on next chapters. Check out the headings, subheadings, highlighted terms, questions and summaries at the end of each chapter.


6. Study with Peers

Research has shown that students retain 10% of what they read, 60% of what they hear in class but 90% of what they learn with peers. This proves that the most effective method of learning is to study with your peers. A side benefit is that your peers can offer you moral support and encouragement when you need it. So, if you don’t already have one, form a study group with your peers now.


7. Think of Ways Your Study Can Help Your Future Patients

As a nurse, it is important that you understand the physiological reasons behind a patient’s ill-health. As you study for your exam, ask yourself how the information with you can improve your future patient. This will not just make you a better student; it will also make you a better nurse.


8. Focus Your Attention on Key Points Covered in Class

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Apart from other resources you must review, your instructors will also give you the chapters they want you to read every week. Rather than trying to focus on every part of each chapter, use the key points covered in the class by your instructor.


9. Avoid Lump Studying

You’ll retain more information and feel less overwhelmed when you spend short time studying rather than cram a week’s worth of study into a few hours – this can have a negative impact on your memory. Another option is to break the materials you intend to study into sub-section.


10. Find the Time to De-Stress

To avoid committing less information into memory, do not spend all your time studying. The more you study, the better you score – isn’t always right. Create time to have little fun as this can improve your rate of retention.

With the right approach to studying, implementing the tips above will help you complete your nursing school with great results.

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