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Taking portrait photographs is a lot of fun – if you know what you’re doing. While you may get lucky if you don’t have the skills, it’s a great idea to learn and practice portrait photography so that you can get better. The seven tips below will help you get more out of all the photos you take – especially the portraits.

Portrait Photography Tips

  1. Pay Attention to Framing – One of the biggest tips you should follow is to watch how you frame your subject. Take the time to make sure they’re in the perfect position for the photograph.

  2. Use a Wide Angle – This is a simple tip that goes a long way. For portraits, using a wide angle lens is usually your best option. This will give you the ability to really concentrate on the person whose photo you’re taking.

  3. Look for Interesting Backgrounds – When scouting a location to shoot, be sure to look for interesting backgrounds. For example, for portraits, it’s a good idea to use trees or other greenery in the background to really make your subject pop and be more memorable.

  4. Horizontal Portraits – You shouldn’t limit yourself to shooting portraits in portrait mode. Instead, look for ways to get creative with a horizontal head shot. This isn’t always going to work, but it can give you another option when shooting a portrait.

  5. Get an Angled Shot – Sometimes turning your camera on a slight angle gives you a much stronger photographer than if it had been shot straight on. You don’t want to use this too much, but it can make for better portraits in some cases.

  6. Lose the Focus – While most photos are taken in focus, you can get a little creative by doing your portrait photographs out of focus. Again, you don’t want to use this one too often, but it’s a cool tip that can make for better portrait photos.

  7. Experimental Expressions – Even if you don’t know your subject very well, you can try to have them make funny faces or try to be serious or sad so that you can add another dimension to your portrait.

Taking portrait photography is not as easy as you might think. Having said that, the more you practice the better you’re going to get. If possible, practice with as many volunteers as you can find. Most of the time people love having their portrait taken for free and will give up some of their time so that you can practice. The most important piece of advice is to have fun. If you’re not having fun, it’s going to show in your photographs – especially the portraits.

















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