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20 Minimal Home Office Design Ideas

Would you agree that the space you are working in affects your productivity as well? Of course it does! Although people have different preferences when it comes to style specifics, everybody would attest to the fact that the way the...

/ June 29, 2015

30 Home Office Design Ideas to Help You Live a Better Life

Working from your home can be a challenge, but it's far better than being stuck in a cubicle. Apart from focusing on your work and not being distracted, the other main problem people run into is having a comfortable home...

/ October 16, 2014

21 Aesthetic Computer Desk Designs

No longer do computer desks have to consist of a flat surface with four legs. Right now is the best time to be alive if you're an industrial designer. Think about it, you have vast selection of rare and unique...

/ July 12, 2013