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If you don’t know how important quality content for your blog or website is, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Google made an update early in 2011 and another one in March of 2012, which caused a large amount of low quality content to drop from their search engine rankings. This really magnified the need for high quality content for most bloggers and webmasters.

High quality content can shoot your website or blog back up to the top of the Google rankings and will give your readers what they desire. If you want to gain traffic, continue to make money online and build a long-term successful online business, then your content must fit the new standards of the industry.

Here’s what you need to do to get your content up to par:

Ditch the Keyword Usage

Before the Google updated happened, most would choose a main keyword and sprinkle it throughout the content. Usually it was used once per 100 to 150 words or a density of 3% to 8%. This worked very well, but now it doesn’t.

Instead of using a main keyword throughout your content, you need to write with a theme in mind. Use your main keyword in the title and only where it fits within the content. You want to use many related keywords that fit with your theme as Google now rewards this type of content.

Write Useful Content

Stop writing for the search engines. Has Google ever come to your website and made a purchase? Write for the human beings that will read your content and you will see better results. If they are searching for “classroom chairs“, then your content better give them the answers they need about this subject.

Longer is Better

As long as you don’t just stuff your content with fluff, you want to write 800 to 1,200 words per blog post, article or webpage. Longer content is ranking better and can give the reader more of what they need instead of just a little bit of information. If you continue to dish out short posts and articles, you won’t get the ranking you want.

Shorter Paragraphs

We all learned that when we took English in grade school or high school that each paragraph should start and finish a thought. However, this doesn’t fit when writing content online.

Those surfing the internet find large paragraphs difficult to read and it looks like more than it really is. They will skip right past it. But if you write shorter paragraphs, they are more likely to read your content.

Conversational Writing over Perfect Grammar

If you check your articles with a spelling and grammar check, then you know some things show up that don’t make sense. Grammar is not the most important part of your writing. Make sure you don’t misspell words or misuse them, but don’t worry so much about your grammar. Write in a conversational way just like you are talking to a friend.

Use these five steps, and you can create better content that will rank better on the search engines.

Now that you know more about online content creation, you can write content about anything, even classroom chairs. Post written by guest blogger Mary.

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