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If you need some lovely solution for your design or photo the vintage style is the way to go. This trendy style will add some passion and wind of free love to your works. Decorated with warm and tasty colors, textures and retro paraphernalia vintage photos will adore your customers. So go ahead and use it in your works.

The zest of vintage photos is its old-school details. Your goal is to make your photo look like an old one. To achieve this result you can play with colors and saturation in Photoshop, add some textures, make the design black and white. There is a huge list of methods to add some retro or vintage effect to your photo. You should choose the one you like most of all and apply it. But one of the most effective ways is to add vintage related content in your design. For example, some retro cameras or cars, antique furniture or coke bottles.

So… free your imagination and investigate the beauty of vintage photography. In order to help you, I’ve collected this stunning roundup of photos. Find a piece of inspiration below and share your love 🙂

The High Line


Shelby GT500 Eleanor

Andrey Nastasenko

Dasha Mari

Lothar Adamczyk

Farhad Daud





Emily Soto

Jason and Anna

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