Believe it or not, not everyone is a fan of blogging. In fact, some people actually think that blogging can be a detriment to your credibility, or a blemish on an otherwise impressive record.  Needless to say, these people wouldn’t be excited to look at your blog as a sample or preview of your freelance business.

There is some truth to these accusations. Some bloggers are obnoxious and lazy, others inflammatory and insensitive. You, however, don’t have to be (and, if you want to be a successful freelancer, definitely shouldn’t be) one of these bloggers.

Starting a blog can, if you are restrained and professional, be a great way to get your name out there in the freelancing world. Blogs are cheap, easily accessible, and can present a portrait of you and your work to far more potential clients than word of mouth alone ever could. With a blog, you can:

Expand your presence online

In our internet culture, there is little more powerful than having a website to which you can refer potential clients. And if that website address contains your name, all the better. Obviously, if you are freelancing online, it is absolutely necessary for you to have a blog, but even in the real world, having a blog can be an excellent way to generate new client relationships, without having to actively advertise. Freelancing is a networking game, and every avenue counts, especially those that work for you, such as a website or blog, where people can get to know you and your work and connect with you — and even recommend you to others, based on the merit of your work alone.

Make a business page that summarizes your services and specialties

Most blog sites allow users to make static pages where they can write bio pages (more or less). As a freelancer, you can use these to your advantage, referring clients to this page as a kind of calling card. Furthermore, you can send a link to this page to whomever you choose, like an online business card.

This will save you money (though you should always have print business cards as well), but will also drastically increase your efficiency and reach, as you will be able to send out hundreds of “cards” in seconds if you wanted to, and can always leave a “card” on a blog post, leading people back to your information.

Build an online, publicly accessible storage space for your portfolio

Again making use of static pages, you can store samples of your work on your blog, so that when clients come looking, they can see the quality of your work. When freelancing, your work must speak for itself, and is the only thing that differentiates you from the next freelancer, so having your best work online, presented in an aesthetically pleasing format will clients’ eyes and better your chances at landing the next job.

Establish credibility in your field

Writing extensively on topics in your field will show potential clients that you care about your subject enough to pursue it in your personal life, and will also help convince them that you are an expert on the subject, someone they can trust and rely on to produce useful, well-crafted material. (Remember that this blog is for your business though; don’t post anything that would embarrass or discredit you.)

Grow your personal and professional network

As I’m sure I don’t have to explain, a large network is the livelihood of a successful freelancer. Blogs give you opportunity after opportunity to grow that network by connecting you with a community of readers (who could be clients). Plus, people share links, stories and articles that they find pertinent, incredible, or insightful, which exponentially increases your marketing reach.

Whether you are new to freelancing or are a weathered veteran, starting and maintaining a blog can be the thing that turns your business into the kind that other people write about. For more educational articles don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS-feed and follow Inspirationfeed on TwitterFacebook! If you enjoyed the following article we humbly ask you to comment, and help us spread the word!

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