We are moving into a whole new era when it comes to the Internet. There are plenty of innovations coming onto the scene while a number of existing elements are being refined and fixed to suit the changing World Wide Web. Our lives have become so entangled in this circle that for us to think of not using the Internet on for even one day is unthinkable. However, for us to continue using the Internet, we need to stay up to date with the changes that are lined up for the future.

Here’s a look at what you can expect to come up before you, in 2012.

Breaking Up Apps

There are plenty of applications that we find on the Internet today. The possibility of these breaking down into smaller fragments is very much a possibility. What that means is that while HTML5 will continue to draw support from all browser developers, other applications might not be so lucky. Already, there are 10 different app formats that have been created for Google Chrome alone, that are not supported by other browsers. This trend is something that will just make the world more confusing than it already is.

Shift to Mobile

Mobile phone usage and traffic is destined to increase and hit new heights. The Internet is bound to become more accessible while the rise of new frameworks will ensure that mobile browsing becomes closer to what computers are capable of. There is going to an expected rise of about 10%, in terms of mobile users of the Internet, and this will mean that websites need to be prepared to lose more clients and traffic. Flash and hover-type effects do not work on the phone so no point putting those in. Coding laws will change and if you want to access something online, you might not have to tie yourself down to a computer to get the best browsing experience.

More Devices

After the mobile phone, the tablet PC has hit the market. Tablets are getting cheaper and newer and more capable devices are constantly under research and entering the marketplace. The pricing of these models is so low that consumers are growing by the minute and that means just one thing – the Internet needs to catch up with technology. Developers will also end up buying these devices to constantly check on their website for compatibility issues and that means even more work for them.

Beyond Looks

There is a saying that the best kind of website design is the kind you don’t notice! It’s not about being flashy at all because in the end, the person is most likely there for some information and unless it is your design that provides that information, you are unlikely to win too many fans with something fancy. Now, everything is going to be rated on the same platform and that means, your site’s look must be as good as its content and navigation. Everything needs to work together!

War Time

Fact – social media is just going to explode in 2012! The only problem is that no one knows how that is going to affect the existing social media communities and markets. Are we going to have an overload? Will the consumer get sick and tired of it? Or will there be a greater pull towards newer social media platforms that allow you to do or share a brand new kind of information about yourself?

Everyone is trying to get a bite out of Facebook and Twitter and the next likely step is to allow people to create websites, rather than single web pages. Then, what’s the next stop?

The Internet greed is a never-ending struggle for something better and giving the consumer something more. There is fine line between creating something better and ruining something that was good. In 2012, a lot of rice will get separated from the chaff so hold your breath and hope for the best.

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Posted by Rebecca Small

As a designer and project leader for a Wordpress web design agency, Rebecca has her finger on the pulse of the market. It is part of her job to keep a track on the goings on in the industry and with her constant focus on the things that make the internet tick, she is setting the pace for others to follow. Her work is on the cutting edge of technology and if there’s anything that Rebecca is sure about, it  is her grasp on what needs her attention the most.

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