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David Beckham

Celebrities who want their story heard but lack the writing skills regularly use ghostwriters. David Beckham’s successful autobiography My Side was ghostwritten by broadcaster and former Eastenders actor Tom Watt, while Jordan’s autobiography Being Jordan was also ghostwritten. These celebrity tell-all books have established a lucrative genre of their own.

There has been a recent example of a satirical celebrity tell-all openly featuring an implausible author. Me Cheeta is both a comic and heartrending autobiography that claims to have been written by the famous chimpanzee that starred in the Hollywood Tarzan films. Authorship itself can be used as a device for literary effect, which gives the ghostwriter far more scope.


Finally, the work of the ghostwriter has been elevated to a vital role by the web. Wikipedia would not exist without the editorial input of site visitors, who shape each article entry. Through malleable online content all web surfers perform the role of the ghostwriter, leaving their traces, via a worldwide web of endless collaboration.

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