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Mirror Everything From Your iOS Devices To Your Mac


  • Wirelessly mirror your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch screen to your Mac
  • Simply mirror multiple iOS devices to one Mac
  • Easily make demo videos, showcase apps, record lessons for teachers, & much more


Record & Organize Everything You Cut/Copy To This Comprehensive Clipboard Manager


  • Automatically save and store any clip you make
  • Edit content of any clip in a couple clicks
  • Quickly search your clips to find what you’re looking for

Elmedia Player Pro

Download Streaming Video WIth This Simple Flash Player


  • Easily download streaming videos right to your hard drive
  • Create screenshots from your favorite movie shots
  • Watch flash videos and movies in full-screen mode
  • Play a great variety of digital formats

cf/x Mosaic

Seamlessly Turn Your Photos & PIctures Into Tile Art


  • Create hi-res mosaic art with the click of a button
  • Instantly deliver amazing mosaics with over 30 customizable presets
  • Seriously fast—3 seconds to render a 4,900 tile mosaic

Vidiary Video Journal App

Drop The Pen & Paper & Tell Your Story Through Video


  • Easily record video right from your webcam and external media attachments
  • Add RichText notes and tags for every entry
  • Quick search by title, texts, tags, dates
  • Add Per-diary optional password protection
  • Lightweight and true Mac-style user interface


The Ultimate Diary App That Connects Directly to Your Blog


  • Instantly publish your ideas and pictures right to your blog
  • Tumblr and WordPress compatibility
  • Easy cloud sync capability that allows for seamless blog integration


Stylize Images & Turn Them Into Beautiful Text Art


  • Simple & clean user interface
  • Have total control over turning your images into beautiful text-based art
  • Easily customize images with various colorization options
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