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While some say great leaders are born, others tend to think it takes some practice to become a manager that people look up to and respect. Either way, everyone knows a company’s success depends on how well its management leads, inspires, and motivates its employees. With that said, here are seven strategies every manager should adopt if he or she wants to become an effective leader.

Delegate Tasks Wisely



The key to becoming good management is learning how to effectively delegate both the responsibility for finishing assignments and the authority required to get them done. Many managers feel they need to control everything that their employees do, whether major or minor (this practice is known as “micromanaging”). When you delegate work to employees, you multiply the amount of work your company is able to accomplish while developing your employees’ leadership, confidence, and work skills.

Set Specific, Measurable Goals

As management, it’s important that you recognize the value of setting goals for your employees. To help give employees direction and purpose within the company, map out a list of goals that you would like to see them strive for. Not only does this help them achieve their professional goals as individuals, but it also pushes them to work toward the company’s overall goals too. Set specific goals that can be measured, then regularly monitor and meet with your employees to discuss their progress.

Communicate Regularly

One of the worst things you can do as management is to hide in the corner of the office and never communicate with your employees. Whether good news or bad, you need to communicate to your employees so they know what’s going on with the company and what you expect from them. If you’re not able to inform your employees about everything happening, how can you expect them to know and improve on their quality of work? Remember to be open and honest with your employees.

Leave Your Door Open

More than anything else, managing is a “people job.” When an employee needs to discuss something with you – whatever the reason – make sure that you give them the option to come see you at any time with any problem or issue they may have. When you show compassion and lend an open ear to an employee, you show him or her that you care. So instead of brushing an employee off, take time to listen to what he or she have to say so you can build a rapport and trust within the office.

Recognize and Reward Achievements

Almost all employees want to do a good job for their boss. And when they do a good job, employees always hope to receive recognition for their accomplishments. Unfortunately, management often forgets to ever give employees credit for doing a great job. When this becomes a habit, employees will lose motivation to excel and your company work quality decreases. There are many ways to reward employees, and a lot of them come at little or no cost to the company.

Consider Lasting Solutions

No matter how hard a problem may seem, there’s usually quick fix that can solve it. Unfortunately, many managers opt to take care of problems and issues by just remedying them instead of getting to the root cause of them.

For example, if your company is looking to cut costs, an excellent way is to allow employees to bring their own devices into the workplace. If you’re seriously considering making such a move in your own office, implementing a byod management program will allow you to do this while keeping your company’s data secure.

Loosen Up and Have Fun


Being a manager is serious business that comes with a lot of responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t loosen up and have fun with your employees. Successful management makes its offices fun places to work that employees enjoy being a part of. Instead of creating a work environment where employees want to call in sick, create one where people feel energized every day. Embracing the “work hard, play hard” ethic is the key to management success within the company.

Becoming a great leader and manager takes experience and practice, but once you’ve settled into your new role you can begin including some strategies to help you be the best that you can be. Once you have the trust and respect of your employees, the sky is the limit as far as your company is concerned.

Have any other management strategies that work well? Have you noticed any things other managers do that work well? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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