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As we approach the end of the year, many businesses analyze strategies used throughout the year and their effectiveness. As you look at the success or failure of the marketing strategies you used this year, you can look forward to a new year full of new marketing strategies.

Some of the marketing methods your business implemented in 2012 may have been wildly successful. Keep using them. If you are looking for new marketing methods, these are going to be your best bet for 2013.


Social Networking

Marketing can come with a high price tag. However, using social media to build up your client base and keep the clients you currently have can be inexpensive or even free. Giving your business a face on social media sites can bring in a lot of business. Word of mouth and referrals are a big part of networking, and you never know who is going to be talking about you. Use social networking to get people talking about your business.

Facebook and Twitter are a great place to get the word out about your company. Sharing information about your business with those who are close to you is a great way to increase your client base. If friends know about your business they are more likely to call you in time of need, as well as share your name with their friends.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is providing information and content to your target market without actually selling. However, the goal is to increase profits. While you aren’t intentionally selling, as you provide your potential customer with quality information, they become more likely to purchase your product or service.

Producing digital content, websites, webcasts and podcasts are all examples of content marketing. Because consumers now have DVR to skip commercials and are proficient Internet users who can ignore banners, content marketing is now the cornerstone of gaining customer loyalty. If you provide customers with valuable information about products and services, they will reward you with their business.


Having an online presence is a huge deal for both large and small businesses. Spending marketing dollars on PPC advertising and SEO is marketing money well spent. PPC, or Pay per click, advertisement is a method where advertisers pay a website each time their ad is clicked. These clicks get more traffic to websites. You use keywords to get your ad to show up on search engine pages. Finding a company who offers PPC management can bring your business great results.

In conjunction with PPC, SEO, or search engine optimization, is another form of marketing that is a must in order for businesses to gain an online presence. While PPC uses keywords to get your ad to appear on search engine results pages, SEO uses keywords and phrases to move your business higher in search engine results. Consumers are using the Internet to research products. You need to do SEO work to get yourself high enough in searches to be noticed by potential customers.

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