If you are interested in building and expanding your online network, you need to do some research to find out tools that can make your work easy. The best and highly cost effective way is by visiting and posting your comments on blogs and forums, keeping in touch with friends and associates through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

However, in any case, you should never take one thing for granted, that is blog commenting. Here’s why;

In the past three years, blogs have emerged as one of the most popular sites on the Internet. Millions of users love them because they are updated on almost daily basis, and are more interesting to read than regular, boring web content. With the kind of traffic that these blogs attract every single day, you would want to use this medium to reach out to thousands, or even millions of users. That is now possible through blog commenting.

So what’s the way to start blog commenting?

You should start by doing some research to identify popular blogs that are related to your products or niche. You can use Goggle alerts to get an extensive list of blogs that have significant impact on the kind of people that you are targeting. You can save time by targeting just 15-20 blogs in the start.

Then, you should visit these blogs at least once or twice every week. Read interesting posts and post your comment. If you want, you can even share your opinion on specific topic, and add more information. Every comment that you post will reflect your online business and reputation, so it is important that your posts are well-thought out and impressive. Some blog owners even allow you to add link of your own website and blog on your posts. If our comments are helpful and intriguing, you can be assured that all those who are visiting the blogs will definitely be enticed to pay a visit to your blog or website.

You can handle all this easily because you won’t have to spend more than five to six hours a week. The key to success lies in proving your extensive knowledge with each comment you post because this helps you in creating a first impression. Sound easy? Best of all, it also gives you an edge over your competition.

However, you should keep in mind that just like other content marketing solutions, blog commenting won’t get you the desired results within hours. You will have to be consistent and patients for few weeks or months for your niche market to notice you.

Get tons of back-links with blog commenting!

Blog commenting can get you high quality organic one way backlinks that can get you higher search engine ranking. Commenting on various blogs in your niche means that you will get highly targeted traffic.

You can use many directories on the Internet to search for Do Follow blogs. Some Do Follow blogs mostly go No Follow because of spam. The best way to handle this is by going for a blog that has been around for past few years and gets large number of visitors. The webmasters of such blogs understand more about spam levels and allow posters to add links to their websites and blogs.

Some useful tips:

* Be consistent-You would be interested that all those who visit top blogs related to your niche see your name more often on the blog. Therefore, you should do blog commenting at least twice a week. You should maintain the flow and should not slow down even when you start getting the kind of attention that you want.

* Avoid advertising in your comments- Some people who are actively doing blog commenting to promote their services and products aggressively. However, you must keep in mind that blog owners can remove your comments if they are not too happy with its contents, or they feel that they are spam. So the best thing for you would be to share your opinion, and add your URL. This would definitely work to your advantage.

* Be smart- Give highly useful information when writing your posts. You must remember that your main aim is to entice blog visitors to check yours out!

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Posted by Andrew Handley

Andrew Handley is a blogger, writer and outreach specialist for Anexcelsiorelevator.com. He feels that giving and receiving insightful comments is the highlight of every bloggers day.

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