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When you are out on the road, you need some essential safety items and other things you might require when on the road. According to, carrying these things will help you in case you experience car breakdown or any other problem when on the road. Below are things to keep in your car during your travel:


1. First aid kit

Safety is paramount. And you never know when you will need a first aid kit. You may not have used it, but for precaution, always have one. It helps when you get an accident, and the ambulance will take a while. The kit should have wraps, band-aids, epipen, provide, Tylenol and an antibacterial solution.


2. Tire changing supplies

Ensure you have a tire iron, lug wrench, a spare tire, WD-40 and a tire jack. They will come in handy when your tire goes flat. Also, have a tire sealant to patch a leaking tire. Always have a pair of gloves to save your hands as you wrestle with tire irons, lug nuts, and hot engine parts.

Also, have a tire pressure gauge. It helps you know when the tire pressure is too high. There are many options in the market, but we recommend one that doesn’t need a battery. It avoids inconveniences when the battery dies.


3. Jumper cables

Your car should always have a jumper cable. A dead battery is a familiar surprise, and it may be hard getting a Samaritan with a jumper cable.


4. Windshield wiper fluid

Imagine driving through a snow storm, with trucks passing and splashing to snow to your windshield. Suddenly, your car runs out of wiper fluid. It exposes you to unclear vision, which may lead to an accident. Nothing could be possibly worse than that. That’s why you need the windshield wiper fluid.


5. Ice Scraper

It is a must-have for people living in snowy areas. What would you do when you wake up and find your car is iced over? Chances are, if you are beating a deadline, you can’t wait for defrosters to kick in.


6. Multi-tools


Depending on the cause of disruption while you drive, you can never be too sure which tool you need. Multi-tool has standard tools and is space saving compared to a large toolbox.


7. Owner`s manual

Usually, you get a car manual after purchasing your car. You may not have needed it in the past, but it may help you. If you misplaced yours, you could access it online at


8. Weather radio

It is the only static thing in your car after your cellphone runs out of service.


9. Duct Tape

Not only can you rely on it for temporary auto repairs, but you can also use it for roadside first aid.


10. Gas can

Running out of gas especially when visiting new places is common. While it may be effortless to walk with your can to the nearest filling stating, how do you carry the gas back?

However, it may not be an excellent idea due to the risks it attracts. Gas is highly flammable and may force you to fumigate your trunk. If there is no space for a gas can, consider buying the can at a filling station.


11. Fire extinguisher

Nothing gets worse than an engine catching fire. A fire extinguisher doesn’t have to be the common massive and wall mounted extinguishers. There are small portable extinguishers.


12. Emergency food and water bottles

Depending on the path you are traveling on, you should carry emergency food. If you are going on a less traveled route, consider carrying melt-proof, non-perishable and high-calorie food. For example take granola bars, energy bars or dried fruits.

Always have water in your car. It will help you fight dehydration when you are stranded. The bottles should be sturdy enough to withstand extreme temperatures.


13. Cell phone charger and mount

cellphone being charged inside the car dash

Having a cell phone charger is not about getting calls or texts. It’s about having somewhere to call for help when you get stranded. Besides, if you notice someone trailing you, you can call the authorities.

A cellphone mount is essential when you are using your phone for GPS services. It comes in handy when using your phone to make calls. The mount is safe since you don’t need to look down.


14. A Pen

As insignificant as it may seem, it is one of the most important yet ignores things. What if you need to deposit a check?


15. Emergency contacts, license, and registration

It is safer to have contacts listed down than your phone. Your phone can run out of battery or get lost. When you get pulled over, always have your license and registration to prevent getting in trouble.

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