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Screen Snap

Hoping to get a high resolution screenshot of your work on Photoshop? Screen Snap allows you to do this. Whether you need a full shot of the entire screen or just a small portion of what you’re working on, you can get the right image and send it to clients, teammates, and other people interested in seeing the work you’re doing at the moment.

Web Zap

Mockups are a requirement for any web team, especially when it’s time to show your client what you’ve worked on so far. This could be a time-consuming process though, but Web Zap makes it all faster and easier with its amazing functionalities and tools.


You know that your design won’t turn out the way you want it to be without paying attention to your measurements. From the size of your font to the way elements are spaced apart, measurements and other design specs play a huge role in creating that appealing design. specKing shows you every measurement you need and works on any flat file or PSD file you’re currently working on.

Transform Each


If you plan on resizing and changing any of the layers on your work, individually doing so would take up so much time. It’s a good thing Transform Each allows you to make this process easier. With Transform Each, you can resize several layers at the same time, making sure that their positions are not compromised. It saves you from the time-consuming work of having to do it layer per layer.

Font Awesome

When it comes to vector icons that you could easily scale according to your needs, Font Awesome is the best source. These icons can even be customized, whether you want their color, size or shadows to match the rest of your design theme.


A lot of people thought CSS Hat would be deemed useless when Photoshop added their own version right into the program. But no, CSS Hat still proved to be the more useful option. With CSS Hat, you can just select a layer and get its CSS code in an instant. Borders, colors, sizes, gradients – all these you can get in a click.


When it was first introduced to the market, GuideGuide instantly became one of the most downloaded plugins available. After all, it saved designers so much time in creating even the most complicated designs. GuideGuide, as the name implies, gives you clear guides based on your artboard and canvas, or based on your selection.

Social Kit

Everyone’s on social media, and a huge bulk of the work designers do often end up in the pages of these social networks. To create perfect images meant for each specific social media page, Social Kit gives you templates meant for the specs and requirements of each network. This ensures that your social media posts are as effective as possible.

Random User

This Photoshop extension is perfect if you’re working on pages that require placeholder avatars. It’s just like your Lorem Ipsum content, but meant for users portrayed on your design.

Font Hero

Tired of switching from Photoshop to another program just to figure out what fonts to use, or of browsing through your loooooooong list of fonts directly from Photoshop? Font Hero allows you to manage your fonts to make it easier for you to find the right ones. You can type in font names directly to find what you’re looking for, tag the fonts you use most frequently, preview your text using different fonts without having to click on the long font menu, and do so much more with this single tool.

Start downloading and installing these plugins and finally experience the full power of Photoshop. Who knows? These could be the key to your huge success as a designer and open up new opportunities and possibilities in your craft.

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