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Good copy, be it in a landing page, social media update or email newsletter, plays a major role in the success of any business. This is why finding a good copywriter is very important. You should not just settle for any of the numerous copywriters out there who are ready to offer their services. The person selected should have the necessary skills and experience to deliver on your project.

Whether you are looking for a financial copywriter, travel copywriter, or fashion copywriter, here are some tips which will help you make the right decision.

1. Establish your needs


You need to decide exactly what you need before you start looking for a copywriter. Do you require a press release, quarterly report or weekly email newsletter? Besides the copy, do you also need design services? Once you have established your needs, it will be easier to create a brief job description of the kind of copywriter you require. Finding a writer who has experiences and skills that closely match your needs will enable you to come up with a good final copy.

2. Carry out some research

Once you have identified prospective copywriters, take time to gather some data which will help you make the right decision. Look for information about their experience, previous clients, range of services offered, samples of copy and fees charged. Professional copywriters usually offer such information on their blogs or websites. However, be cautious of those who don’t have an online profile but simply submit a resume. Don’t even give a second thought to anyone who is unwilling to share any information about themselves.

3. Get a second opinion

Ask your customers, business associates, family or friends if they have heard of or done business with any copywriter that they could recommend. Other people who could offer helpful referrals include members of professional bodies, graphic designers, company public relation managers and creative directors at advertising agencies. Getting information from trusted sources who have benefited from the services of a copywriter will make it easier for you to make a decision.

4. Remove geographical limits

Don’t limit yourself by only looking for talent within your geographical location. You might end up with a good copywriter, but not necessarily the best. Modern day technology has made it very possible to work remotely with anyone, regardless of their physical location. Therefore, take time to tap into the huge pool of professional and skilled copywriters scattered all over the world. You can advertise your requirements on one of the many forums and job boards online and invite prospects to submit their applications.

5. Don’t ignore your instincts

Before settling on any copywriter, you need to take time to critically evaluate the data you have gathered. However, don’t ignore your gut feeling. You might find a very experienced individual who has a pleasant personality as well as a great writing style. However, if you have some unease on the inside, it would be advisable to find someone else. More often than not, your gut feeling is right.

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Charles Mburugu is a HubSpot-certified content writer/marketer for B2B, B2C and SaaS companies. He has worked with brands such as GetResponse, Neil Patel, Shopify, 99 Designs, Oberlo, Salesforce and Condor. Check out his portfolio and connect on LinkedIn.

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