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Social media marketing is one of the new up-and-coming departments within online marketing companies. One of the latest social media marketing strategies being used, is when social media experts create a contest on one of the many social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+. For example, recently I took part in an online contest using Facebook as their social media platform.

As most of the rules of the contest were not explained clearly, it led to major confusion experienced by contestants. Many of the contestants were unsure as to what to what to do to be recognized in the contest and what not to do – avoid spamming. Below are four simple tips to help marketers’ avoid the much unwanted situation we found ourselves in.

1. Follow the Facebook Promotion Guidelines

Be sure to follow the facebook promotion Guidelines when you are creating a contest, completion or an offering. There are certain tasks which facebook prohibits users from doing during a contest. One of the rules is that promotions on facebook need to be administered using one of the apps on facebook. Another rule is that you cannot use facebook like button like a voting mechanism.

Be sure to mention that if something was to go wrong that Facebook is not involved with the contest. For more rules and regulations please take a look at the Facebook Promotions Guidelines.

2. Mention the Contest Rules Clearly

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One of the most important factors to an online contest, if not any contest, is to mention your rules correctly and clearly. Make sure the rules for the competition is mentioned simply and clearly so that everyone, even a four year old, will be able to understand. Explain what the company considers as spam and why that will not be condoned in the contest. Also, explain clearly where the crossing line is and when the contestant will be removed or banned from the completion.

3. Complete the Contest

People do not appreciate when competition’s drag on for periods on end. You need to remember people love entering a competition and people like winning. Most social media contests runs its course in four weeks, of course the contest will be longer if it is much more complex. Once the winner has been chosen be sure to push the Public Relations.

Once you have received correct details from the winner you will need to mention who the winner is. Promote the winner on all of the company’s social media platforms. This proves to the contestants, that you not only care about the customers but that you are engaging with them one-on-one. Through the engagement you are also building a relationship and increasing trust and loyalty within the company.

4. Make it Worth Their While

Everyone’s human, and once in awhile everyone would like the opportunity to win an amazing prize. Therefore make the contest worth their while. Give away something amazing that will drive the competitive spirit within. Remember, a prize does not have to be costly to be valuable to the contestants.

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Donne Terblans is a social media marketing intern at a SEO company, who enjoys all kinds of experiments on social networks with the latest one being how to trend a topic on Twitter.

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