Car accidents are stressful events in which we often forget to take some precautions. Always consult an attorney, especially if you are injured. If the insurance of the other party refuses to pay for the damage to your vehicle, you will most likely need an attorney for assistance.  

When your car has been damaged due to a motor vehicle accident, new paint will have to be applied after the bodywork is completed. Several coats of primer, paint, and clear coat must cover the surface of your car to give it a glossy shine.

Extra steps will have to be taken during the first 30-90 days after your car has been painted to maintain the work. It is an excellent possibility that the finish could be damaged if you do not clean your car with extra care.


Hand Wash Your Vehicle

Exhaust Pipe During Rain

During the first 30-90 days after bodywork has been completed, it is essential that you avoid commercial car washes.  The sponges and stiff brushes that are used at these car washes can scratch your car which will ruin the finish.

Your car should be hand washed in cool water with mild car wash solution.  Use a soft cloth. The water you use should be fresh and clear. Avoid washing your car in the sun, and, avoid drying your vehicle with a towel.


Avoid Gravel Roads

Loose gravel on the road can do significant damage to your fresh paint.  When gravel hits your vehicle after bodywork has been completed, the color is chipped which can eventually cause your car to rust.  The reason your car’s paint is so delicate is that the protective barrier has not had enough time to form.


No Chemicals

If transmission fluid or oil must be used after your vehicle has been painted, these chemicals must not touch the car’s paint.  When you fill your tank with gasoline, avoid spills. If a gasoline spill occurs, wipe the surface with a wet cloth. Avoid drying the surface with a towel.  Windshield washer fluid can even be damaging so use caution.


Scraping Is Harmful

snow covered sedan

If snow and ice cover your car, avoid using a scraper to remove the ice from the windshield.  You could scratch the paint as the ice falls from the windshield. Use warm water to melt the ice from your car slowly.


Bugs, Bird Droppings, and Tree Sap

No car owner likes seeing crushed bugs on the windshield of a car, but if the vehicle has new bodywork, bugs can be more than annoying.  They can bring damage to the paint.

If bird droppings get on your car, clean them as soon as possible as they can do damage to your car’s surface.  The reason is that birds often eat berries which are acidic.

Avoid parking under a tree.  At times, it might seem you have no choice due to limited parking, but tree sap can fall on your car.  Tree sap can damage paint quickly.

Many people are entirely unaware of how quickly a newly repaired vehicle can be damaged, especially the paint.  Taking some of these precautions will help prevent further damage.

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